Salvation Is Only A Breath Away


Man is the measure of the Cosmos. The consciousness of man contains everything that you see in nature. The vast galaxies and star systems are in man. The consciousness of every master, saint, master mind is in man’s consciousness. Likewise, the consciousness of the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms are also there. So, in consciousness man can access all these levels. It all depends on where the attention is put.

Because all the subhuman kingdoms exist in man – and some very dangerous psychic spaces – it is very important for those on the spiritual path to know how to navigate in the psyche. It is very easy – because of the way the memory body works – to inadvertently get triggered – sometimes by a small thing – and find oneself in a bad space. It can be one of depression, gloom, anger, resentment and hosts of others. It can happen very quickly. Someone spoke with a certain tone of voice. Someone’s body language offended you. Perhaps you were turned down for that position you wanted. Perhaps the doctor gave you a bad diagnosis. There are hosts and hosts of triggers.

We can compare this to a driver who makes a wrong turn. Suddenly he finds himself in a bad neighborhood – a place where gangsters, murderers and robbers hang out. It is not safe for the driver to be there. Now what is his solution? Shall he stop the car and start analyzing his mistake? Shall he bemoan his lot? Shall he start castigating himself for being where he is? Of course not. This only keeps him in the dangerous place and increases the probability that something bad will happen. No, there is one solution. He must get out of there as quickly as possible. When he is once again in a safe space he can analyze if he chooses (but this is not advisable as this analysis will lead him back there – psychically speaking).

Fortunately, the spiritual student has tools to get out of these dangerous psychic spaces – and make no mistake they are just as dangerous as any war zone – and perhaps even more so. One of the techniques is the use of the breath. One can start to do conscious breathing. Just become aware of the breath. This works well.

A method that I like even better is color breathing. It will, if practiced, pull you out of any negative state. Not only that, but if you do it for an hour or so, it will actually bring a sense of euphoria – a feeling of being drunk, but you haven’t taken any physical substance.

Begin by imagining yourself in a cocoon of While brilliant light. Then inhale this into the body. Do this consciously. After a few of these breaths, see your cocoon turn to gold. Then inhale the golden light into your body. After a few breaths, your cocoon turns red (but a pure red – a fire engine red) and again breathe in the red. Do this for each of the colors. Go to orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, back to gold and then white. You end where you began. You are now safe, protected and in a “good psychic neighborhood”.