Is the Divine Distant from Us?

Divine Distant

One of the big blockages to spiritual progress is the belief that the Divine is distant from us outside of ourselves – high and mighty (which it is) – difficult to contact.
Nothing could be further from the truth. As the scripture says he is “closer than hands and feet”. Vitvan, perhaps the greatest spiritual teacher of the 20 century, explains it thus. “With what energy the are you conscious? This is God. The power to be conscious”.

Lets elaborate a little on this. You are thinking thoughts. What energy powers these thoughts? What energy allows you to feel, to breathe? This is God. As Vitvan explains many times, the very energy that you use to deny the Divine, IS actually the Divine. The Divine is thus irrefutable. The very power you use to pray is God. In a certain sense we can say that God prays through us. God walks in us and talks in us.

So, this closeness insures that the Divine hears and answers every call, every prayer. You might not see it immediately in certain cases, but you will see it eventually – sometimes long after you have made your call or prayer.

Of course, the Divine itself, is much more than the energy that powers us. Indeed it is transcendent. It is powering everything – every person, animal and plant – even the stars and galaxies. But still every person has full access to it. And it is in the use of this closeness – this intimacy – that one changes one’s life.