Progressing on the Spiritual Path- Part 2

radical reliance

As one proceeds on the spiritual path, eventually we come to the place of “radical reliance” on the Divine. And when this happens we are in the realm of the supernatural. All the so-called laws of the physical universe are set aside – made null and void. No, you will not do anything that hurts people. You will not be a criminal. The Divine is a law of love. But all these other laws get set aside.

What do we mean by “radical reliance” on the Divine?

It means that we rely on the Divine for everything – for our financial supply, for our social needs and even for the daily needs around the house. Is your computer acting up? Has your hard drive crashed and all your data seems lost? Is there are problem in the wiring, a hole in your screen door? Is your car giving you a problem?

Well, the normal way of dealing with these things, even among metaphysical students, is to call the repairman or repair shop, the electrician or mechanic. But radical reliance means we seek the solution from the Divine. We bring in the Divine power into the situation. This brings the most amazing results. Now sometimes the Divine will indicate the common sense approach- call the repairman, the mechanic, the technician etc. But more often than not it will show other solutions – things you never imagined. Sometimes the recalcitrant computer or wiring will clear up by itself. Sometimes, you are shown a simple thing that solves the problem. It is truly amazing.

This is when we really begin to live in the supernatural. This is when we begin to experience the reality of the “miraculous”. Miracles become normal.