Progressing on the Spiritual Path- Part 1

Spiritual path

If you are an atheist this post is not for you. But if you are serious about making spiritual progress read on. Most people on the spiritual path understand the power of positive thinking, positive affirmation and the power of thought. This is all good. But eventually the student will have to go to a place that is beyond thought – beyond mortal thought at least.

Since every problem we face has its origin in the mind, often in the deeper recesses there, superficial “mental treatment” is not always enough. It is very difficult for the mind – which is itself the problem – to analyse itself. What is needed is a power that is “above” the mind to go in, search the dark corners, and clean it out. This power is the Divine in us. This power is available to everyone – at least theoretically. If we call on it, it will come in and do the work. Don’t try to instruct it on how to work. It knows. In face, this attempt is a sign of lack of faith and understanding.

A problem can be considered a form of disease – unease. It need not be a physical pathology – it can be a financial, social or marital issue. That area of life can be considered in a state of ”unease” – something less than perfection. So, it is something that needs “healing”. This is when we need to call in the power of the Divine (by whatever name you choose to call it) and allow it to come in and take care of the situation.

There is no problem to great or too small that the Divine cannot handle. When you call on the Divine you are calling on its own “state of perfection”. What can perfection do except create perfection? Depending on how deep the roots of the problem are (some of these roots have been there for thousands of years – for many, many lives) the problem will be solved. Sometimes, in the case of the really deep problems, it will be solved in a gradual way. If the problem is acute – something of short duration – the problem will be solved quickly.