Election 2018- Post Mortem

The Fall Horoscope was remarkably accurate. While the Democrats were favored, there was certainly no “blue wave”. This was the talk for most of the summer season. It only abated as the election drew closer – the final week.

The Horoscope showed that this would be a high turnout election and this is exactly what happened. I understand that turnout broke all records for a midterm election.

It wasn’t clear from the Horoscope whether the Democrats would actually take the House. The Horoscope showed some losses of seats for the Republicans, but not necessarily the loss of the House. However, the transits on election day were favorable for the Democrats and the House. The Sun, significator for the Democrats, was exactly trine to Neptune, the Lord of the 11 House – which I read as representing the House of Representatives. Also, as we wrote in the Fall issue, the Sun was on the Venus/Jupiter midpoint – a very favorable midpoint.

Let’s look at some of the other factors too. The Horoscope clearly showed that the Democrats wouldn’t take the Senate. In fact the Republicans actually gained seats in the Senate (as of this writing it looks like 4). The Horoscope showed that the President would be successful with his Supreme Court nominee. Which happened. After writing the article, I learned that 15 to 20 new federal judges were approved this season. Also a success.

But there is more to this. Saturn, the Lord of the 9 House (the law, the legal system, foreign affairs, immigration) was EXACTLY Square to the Sun (the Democrats). So the caravans and illegal immigration was a major issue in the campaign and definitely hurt the Democrats – limited their gains. Also the Democrat’s treatment of Justice Kavanagh became an issue in the campaign and some Democratic senators were defeated over this.

The Sun (the Democrats) entered the 6 House of health on October 11 and spent the rest of the the campaign season there. Thus in the local races, the Democrats were focused on health care as an issue. This seems to have helped

Still this was not a “blue wave” by any means. A wave is when one party wins everything – and resoundingly. The Democrats lost ground in the Senate and gained 34 seats in the House of Representatives. Contrast this to President Obama’s loss of 63 seats in 2010.