Clear Thinking About Borders


Borders in astrology are ruled by Saturn. They enclose a space. They demarcate a boundary – a limit. Everything in nature – everything in the created universe – has a border – a limit. Look around you. Is there anything that you see that has no border. Borders are principles in nature. They are cosmic. They are as natural as the sunrise or spring.

To oppose borders is to oppose creation itself. Every living thing has a border. It is intended to allow in what is beneficial to the organism and keep out what is not beneficial. Your body has a border – your skin.

The borders of a country can be likened to the borders of your body or house. Imagine if there were no walls in your home. It would soon not be a home. Imagine if anyone who wanted had free entry to your home without your permission. Sure, there are people who you would want – you would welcome – into your home. But this would be your decision. You certainly wouldn’t give carte blanche to everyone. Imagine if you had no control over the borders of your body. Anything – any microbe, germ, virus or person – could enter in. Women would be raped continually. They would have to allow it. After all, there are open borders. They would have no say so in the matter.

A country, in principle, is no different. Its borders are meant to keep out what is not beneficial and allow in what is. The people – through the laws they enact – decide these things. To have open borders is like having no walls in your home. You would soon be over run.