Relationship Magic, Waking up Together By Guy Finley.


Guy Finely has written many best selling books and here I predict he will have another one with “Relationship Magic”.

Here he tackles the issue of romance, marriage and relationships with others. Romance is the last outpost of idolatry in the soul. The problem with romance is that we see the source of love in another human being. This other is supposed to fill our need for love. Here is the fundamental error and we all pay dearly for this. Love, like every other good thing in life, has its source from the Divine. To look for it in another is to put the cart before the horse.

There are many books on relationships – usually written from a secular psychological perspective. The solutions always tend to be “secular” ones. Materialistic solutions. This is why “Relationship Magic” stands head and shoulders above all these other books. Here the author says that we must relate from a different – a higher place – in ourselves. We have to access the space where love is unconditional – natural – normal.

Most problems in love – most of the fights, disagreements and negativity – are not coming from the either ourselves or the beloved says the author. Pain is the source – either our own internal pain or the pain in the other. Pain, and the anger it produces, cannot improve things. It can only make things worse. What is needed is the transcendence from the place of pain to a higher place in ourselves.
Easier said than done. For this has to be done “in the moment” – right when the argument is about to erupt. He gives exercises and techniques for doing this.

The book is an easy read. The prose flows effortlessly. He makes his points with stories, anecdotes and case histories. But don’t let the effortless prose fool you. There is very deep stuff here. Most readers will require a few readings to get the interior meaning. But it is well worth it. An important and recommendable work.