The Retrograde of Venus


The retrograde of Venus. (October 5 to November 15) This is a rare retrograde. It only happens every two years or so. (Consider that Mercury, Jupiter. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto retrograde every year – sometimes for months at a time. Mercury retrogrades 3 and sometimes 4 times a year.) Venus, the planet of love, relationship and partnerships, going backwards affects all these things. International agreements, mergers, alliances are all impacted here. They require more study, more homework. Mergers or partnerships formed under this retrograde are not likely to come to fruition. And, even in cases where they do, it happens with many delays and glitches. On a personal level, people’s love lives are affected (some more than others). That dreamboat that you just met, might not be such a dreamboat when Venus starts moving forward again. This is a time to review one’s relationships – both on a personal and collective level. It is not a time for taking actions on these things – one way or another.

In the Fall Horoscope, Venus rules the 6 House of health and work. Though the employment figures seem robust in the coming season, they perhaps slow a bit from previous seasons. This also suggests a need for care and study when making changes to the health care system or health care policy.