Jupiter in Sagittarius (Excerpted from The Astrologer’s Notebook)

One of the main headlines of the season is Jupiter’s once a year move from Scorpio into Sagittarius. Every shift of a long term planet is important and has many consequences. The effects will impact on every person in an individual way – this depends on your personal Horoscope and should be checked with your personal astrologer. But there will also be collective effects – and these are what we will deal with here.

In a general way, the Aries, Leos and Sagittarians will benefit the most. There will be more prosperity and good fortune in the coming year. But this is very general and your personal chart needs to be studied. Jupiter will be in Sagittarius until December 2, 2019 – almost all of 2019. Jupiter, as our steady readers know, can be likened to a cosmic Santa Claus. He enlarges and expands everything he touches. He enlarges one’s horizons and vision. He brings good fortune to all that he encounters. Unlike Saturn – his opposite – Jupiter is not concerned about your “worthiness”. He gives regardless of this. Saturn also gives, but only to those who are worthy those who have “earned” his largesse.

The Hindus refer to Jupiter as the “guru”. He teaches the spiritual laws. And, this is the real source of the “good luck” that he brings. When one understands the spiritual laws and operates them (consciously or unconsciously) what the world calls “good luck” is only the natural consequence. This is his real gift. With the revelation that he brings, one can create “good luck” whenever one chooses.  Jupiter, will be more powerful than usual this coming year. He is very strong – dignified – in his own sign. His energy has greater force. This is a good sign for all the industries that Jupiter rules – book publishing, travel, airlines, long distance communications (long distance phone companies and long distance transportation companies). It is a good year for Universities and other centers of Higher Education. They will prosper and expand.

It is a good signal for the global economy and foreign investments should do well. Foreign investing should become more popular in the year ahead. Some of our readers are into commodities. So, Tin, as a commodity should do well. Since Jupiter will be in Sagittarius for a long time, its good to wait for a correction in the sector before jumping in. Also good to buy long term contracts and hold them for the bounce.  Jupiter rules organized religion. So, in spite of all the scandals and dire warnings – the negative polls and the apparent disinterest in organized religion – we will see improvement – perhaps even a comeback in this area. In general there will be a stronger interest in religion, philosophy and theology. There will be more books out on these subjects and probably more movies too. My fashion designer clients tell me that there are “colors” in vogue for a given year. Astrologically speaking, Blue should be more of a fashion color this coming year.  One designer told me that “black” is in the in color these days. I can understand that with the sign of Capricorn very powerful since last December. But blue should also be considered.

Sagittarius is the 7 House of Gemini, the sign that rules telecommunications, transportation and th the print media. Thus we should see more mergers in these sectors in the coming year. (There have been a few mergers in telecommunications this past year, but we will see more.) Since Jupiter is in a fire sign and in the 5 House of the Sun (Leo) this transit should be good for gold and th utilities as well.
Jupiter in Scorpio was excellent for the USA economy. Now that he is leaving. Economic growth might slow. This is not necessarily recession, just slower growth. Now the USA is being impacted by Saturn, rather than Jupiter.