When You Feel Rushed and Overwhelmed

Who has not faced these feelings? You have deadlines at work. The children have medical emergencies or issues at school. A relative needs help. The bank or credit card company has made a mistake and now you must spend time unraveling the issue. Tasks pile up. You feel there is no way you can handle all of this. The mind starts to freeze.

Yet, there is a simple solution – simple to say but not always simple to do. The first thing to understand is that the cosmos never gives you more than you can handle. If it is given, it means, by definition, that you can handle it. Two, when you feel overwhelmed, get quiet and surrender all your activities to the Divine. Invite it to “take charge and manifest God perfection, now”. Really mean it. This gives the Divine permission to act in your affairs. (If you don’t call, the Divine will allow the free will.) In a beautiful and magical way, everything that needs to be done will be done, with beauty, order and harmony. Things that you thought would take hours or days are done in a fraction of the time.

But here’s the most important thing. When you feel rushed, slow down. Yes, do exactly the opposite. Let us say that you have many tasks to accomplish. Start with the first. But slow it down. Do each aspect of it slowly and mindfully. Focus completely on what you are doing. Don’t think of all the other things you need to do. Be in the moment with the task at hand. Magically, things get done and in a higher quality way. You will find also that the task doesn’t deplete you. In fact you gain energy from it. When that task is done go to the next and follow the same procedure. You find that you are not overwhelmed. Your higher mind is now in charge. Everything is in order.

You will also find that the feeling of “rush” is only an “entity” – a habit of mind – a feeling. It is not a reality.