The Path

joseph polansky poem

It is a wheel – like the wheel of a car
Spinning, spinning, spinning,
Endless repetition,
Spinning, Spinning, Spinning
The wheels don’t feel like they are going anywhere
They just spin, spin, spin,
over and over
spin, spin, spin
But the driver, ah, He knows the destination
It is the spin, spin, spin that takes him to his goal.

The path is like a long walk through uncharted territory.
One step, then another, then another,
Step, step, step
Endless repetition
Through snow, ice, wind and rain
Step, Step, Step
Through hospitable and unhospitable places,
Step, Step, Step
The wayfarer should not tarry too long in any place,
Lest he lose his rhythm and momentum
Step, Step, Step
Progress seems slow, the path is endless,
But silent watchers have him under observation
At the right time, they pick him up and deposit him
at his destination.
Step, Step, Step.

The path itself is not glamorous
Though it leads to places of great glamor and joy.
Of itself, it is step, step, step.

Joseph Polansky