The Power of Praise and Worship – Part Two

sincere praise and worship

It has become a common practice (unfortunately) to bash religion these days. Certainly religion as
it has been practiced is far from perfect and there are many criticisms that can be made – but the
attacks are way overdone. All one needs to do is contrast the vibrations of a prayer meeting with
those of the bar, ball park or cinema. There is a huge difference of vibration. When we explore with
the inner vision there is a noticeable difference – a dynamic difference – in the auras of those who
worship and those spend their leisure time at the bars or places of entertainment. Look at the aura
of someone listening to classical music or worship music and contrast it with the aura of someone
listening to hard rock or rap music – a huge difference will be seen.

When a person is engaged in sincere praise and worship he or she has different “inner
companions” than if he or she were in a state of depression or anger. In the former, the
companions will be angelic, celestial beings, in the latter, demonic and destructive entities.
It is written in the Holy Texts that the angels are engaged in praising the Divine all day long. So, a
person engaged in praise and worship has the company of the angels – and their energies and
influence will come into the person.

Many of the problems that people face in their lives – whether it be financial lack, love conundrums
or health issues are in reality coming from Demonic entities. Those with the inner vision can see
them. Too often (especially in modern, secular society) people are trying to deal with what are
essentially spiritual problems in “matter based” ways – and thus are unsuccessful. A good session
of praise and worship is a powerful exorcism of demonic entities – for they hate these energies and
can’t wait to leave the premises.

The benefit that one gets from praise and worship – like anything else in life – depends on the
quality of it. Mere lip service (though it is better than nothing) will not have the purifying, elevating
power of worship that comes from the heart – done with all one’s might and passion. This is why
there is so little spiritual power in many church or synagogue services. Unfortunately many of them
are merely social clubs, caterers, fund raisers or political training grounds and have missed the
whole purpose of their mission – to give the congregation a real encounter – a real experience with
the Divine. But you go to a church, ashram or synagogue of true believers – fervent believers who
have their priorities straight – and you will feel the power in the services. It is palpable. Also you will
witness many miracles take place during and after the service.

Does one need to go to church, synagogue or mosque to engage in praise and worship? Though,
as we mentioned, these things can be very powerful and helpful, one can (and should) engage in
this practice alone – especially when faced with some crisis in life. The true praise and worship
happens in the temple of one’s body and heart.

There are many ways to go about this. Some people like to listen to spiritual kinds of music. In this
day and age it is possible to listen to inspired services (of whatever religion you belong to) on tape
or CD or on the Internet. Recitation of the Psalms works for many people – especially when they are
read with feeling and conviction. But probably the most powerful form of praise and worship is that
which emanates from the heart – from the inner guidance. This often takes many forms – some word
or phrase that has meaning to you personally – some song – perhaps a mantra or sentence from
scripture. Take this phrase and run with it – it will lead you to the heights.

When we are sad, depressed or angry the praise and worship will begin with the lips – the heart
might not be in it. But continue. (Here we have a legitimate and correct use of the personal will.) As
you keep repeating the words, the feeling will eventually come and then you are safe – out of your
negative state – in the company of angels. A session of praise and worship is not complete until
there is a noticeable change in your feelings and moods. When this happens – you will know it – the
sensation is tangible – almost physical. You have broken your negative state. If you like, you can
come down and resume your life – but you also have the option of staying in praise and letting it
take you higher and deeper into the presence of the Source of All Good.

Sincere praise and worship is often accompanied by what the world calls miracles and thus,
superficially it seems that the Divine behaved very much like a human and was turned from its
course by your flattery and honor. But nothing could be further from the truth. The Divine is always
being what it is – perfect. And, in the process of creating perfection 24 hours a day, seven days a
week. The miracles that happen merely come from the person getting into alignment with its
perfect plan. Also many miracles (so-called) happen because of the dropping of the previous
negative state, which itself was the problem. Imagine someone wearing an itchy, dirty garment. It
was causing pain and irritation but he or she didn’t know it. Now, suddenly, the garment (the
negative state) is dropped and the itching, irritation and discomfort is gone. It seems like a miracle,
but really it was only the letting go of the cause of the discomfort.

The sheer simplicity of all this is a bafflement to the secular, worldly minded person. Why even a
child can do it? It can’t be! No, the solution to such and such a problem is getting X amount of
dollars, finding the right job, finding the right mate, getting the right divorce lawyer, not letting the
grass grow on your palms, finding some new strategem of psychologization, some new
manipulative twist in their affairs. Praise and worship is simply a waste of time to them. And so they
spin their wheels going from one problem to the next. As they solve one problem, twenty new ones
come in their place. And this is what life is all about for them. Creating problems and then being
forced to solve them.

The practice of praise and worship leads to paradise. But as those experienced in the practice will
attest, it is not as simple as it sounds. It takes great inner strength, courage, stamina and
persistence to be successful (the ingredients for success in this practice, are not much different
from the ingredients for success in any worldly type enterprise – however the rewards are greater
and more lasting.)

The practitioner can expect many mental and psychic attacks – both in the inner world and in the
outer – especially in the beginning. He or she is meeting up with his or her own mental and
emotional qualities of the past – old momentums that he or she held in the consciousness. But
where previously one faced these things alone and was helpless, now being in the company of
angels and enlightened beings there is much help available. And little by little, the practitioner will
gain the dominion of the Cosmic Law over these things. It is the Divine Plan that he or she should
be successful here and so there is plenty of help.

The practitioner will see why the crime of “wasting life energy” in fruitless ways is a crime. And, will
understand the life style and practices of those who have gone before. Every ounce of energy
(even the sexual energy) is needed to hold the attention steady. It is a heroic effort at times, but the
inner hero is up to the task.