What is Meditation? – Part Two

why is meditation important

Why is meditation important?

The problems that humans face in their daily lives – and that the world as a whole faces – and there
are plethoras of names and labels for these things – come from the disconnected human mind. The
disconnected human mind – often called the “mortal mind” in metaphysical circles – is not capable
of solving deep issues. It is good for certain things. It can fix a car or change a lightbulb. It can
harness certain natural forces. But because of its inherent limitations, it cannot solve the deeper
things. In fact we could say that it IS the problem itself.

Whatever scientific and technological progress we have made did not originate with the mortal
human, limited mind. Always these things come through some genius is who is connected to a
higher, more enlightened mind. The mortal human mind is not capable of originating anything. This
is why “original” thinkers are considered a rare species.

In meditation, we can transcend the human, mortal mind and access a vastly deeper and higher
mind – and from there, new and original solutions can come – both personally and on a world level.
In religious parlance, we access the mind of god. And what a vast mind it is!
We solve our problems by transcending them. Rising above them. Looking at them from a vastly
higher perspective. And this alone, in many cases, solves them. Sometimes it leads to solutions

Meditation is easier to talk about than to do. For when we actually start to meditate, start to focus
our mind one thing, we find – to our shock and amazement – that the mind is filled with distractions.
That it darts hither and yon. Strange images, voices and thoughts are there. Strange energies push
us one way or another. We discover blockages in different parts of the body. Sometimes terrible
fear will get triggered. Sometimes the change in our energy fields will attract weird attacks from
other people who subconsciously mistrust this new energy. Sometimes these attacks will happen
within – in our mind as we meditate – sometimes it will come in our outer lives. We discover a whole
universe in our own mind – and for the beginner, this universe is not so pleasant. The mind has not
yet been cleaned.

Keeping the focus could be likened to building a muscle or muscle group. The strength comes with
the practice and exercise. One must be persistent to succeed.

It can be likened to learning any sport or art. One becomes adept through practice, practice,
practice. In the beginning, as with any new study, there are many failures. But as long as you keep
trying and practicing even the failures will be good. You transcend success or failure. You are
merely a focus. And the persistent one will discover that there is much help available – visible and
invisible. The whole universe will cooperate with your practice.

In truth, there is no such thing as failure in meditation. Let’s assume, that you are focused on
something positive in your life (remember, that meditation is merely a prolonged focus) – even
though you may not have achieved the feeling of the thing – or you felt that nothing happened –
during that time that you were trying you were NOT worrying, NOT creating more problems, NOT
creating more negative entities in the inner worlds, NOT hating, NOT fearing – you were, even in the
so-called failure, keeping the mind positive. This in itself is success.