More Thoughts on Nietzsche


I didn’t understand the high passions that Nietzsche evokes until I read “The Genealogy of Morals”.
Up until that point, if you read “Thus Spake Zarathustra”, “The Anti-Christ”, “Twilight of the Idols”,
“Beyond Good and Evil” “Ecce Homo” you only sense an “equal opportunity” basher. He destroys
all religions – Judaism, Christianity (his pet peeve), Buddhism and the Hindus. “Christianity is
Platonism for the masses” and “Judaism’s revenge”. All organized religion was anathema to him. In
this respect, he is much like our modern day leftists. He also destroys almost all the philosophers –
even the great Plato. The only philosophers that he grudgingly accepted were Heraclitus, Emerson
and Dostoevsky.

But when I read “The Genealogy of Morals” everything became clear to me. There he espouses
racist themes – very openly. He talks of the Aryans as the Master Race. The Race that should rule. It
is more than just “white supremacy” – it is a certain segment of the white race – the Aryans – who
should ruled. Negroes (his terminology) are considered sub-human, inferior, primitive. He was no
fan of the Jews, but he often writes complimentary things about them. No so the Negroes.

Thus, in our “politically correct” age. Neitsche is anathema. Very understandable.

But do his false racial theories take away from his genius? Do we throw out the many true things
that he says – his original insights – because of this one flaw?

For a Kabbalist or Esoteric student, the answer is no. The esoteric student worships only truth – he
or she worships it wherever it is found. Like the digestive system after a meal, the body takes the
nutrition from the food and eliminates the waste product, so does the esoteric student take in a
mental meal, absorb the truths there and eliminates the waste product – the error.

Henry Ford – the original founder of the Fort Motor Company – was a rabid anti Semite. No jew
could get a job at his company while he was in charge. He even published a virulently anti Semitic
newspaper The Dearborn Independent and a book “The International Jew”. No question about his
anti Semitism, he was proud of it, but does that take away from the fact that he made outstanding
cars? I might not agree with Henry Ford, but I might buy one of his cars. One thing has nothing to
do with the other.

Richard Wagner the composer was a great friend of Nietzsche. I understand that there was mentorstudent
relationship between them for a number of years. Then they had a falling out. Richard
Wagner was another rabid (and open) anti Semite. But does that mean that he was a bad musician?
Of course not. We can disagree with him while yet enjoying his operas. (I understand though that
his operas are banned in Israel – a mistake in my opinion.)

His philosophy echoes the Pagan philosophies. Nature is supreme. The instincts – all of them – are
healthy and good. Might makes right. The strong should dominate the weak, just as we see in
nature. For a Kabbalist his teaching is a very clear explanation of the philosophy of Yesod. The only
problem is, Yesod is not very high on the Tree. Yesod is only the “side effect” of the higher