Tithing as Financial Therapy

tithing financial therapy

For those on the spiritual path Tithing – giving 10% of your income to charity or those in need – is an
established custom. It is biblical. It says so in the good book. But the good book doesn’t explain
the science behind this practice. It either says just “do it” or that this practice will incur God’s
blessing on your life.

But we live in a scientific age and people need more than that to understand things.

Originally the tithe went to the Levites – who were the spiritual teachers in ancient times. They in
turn tithed to the priests – those who performed the rituals in the Temple. Since there is no Temple
and the Rites are no longer performed, among the Jews the custom is to give the 10% to charity.
Some (both Christians and Jews) tithe to their church or synagogue instead of the priests in the

Tithing is perhaps the fastest way to experience the spiritual dimensions of supply – of spiritual
affluence. It breaks – in a dramatic way – the old materialistic tapes of lack. It breaks the old
conditioning of how wealth happens. In the beginning it is difficult. For the law is that we give the
10% from our gross income. Thus if we receive a certain amount of money, 10% off the top goes to
charity. It is not even considered your money. It belongs to the Divine and he spends it as He wills.
What a struggle it is for the beginner! Perhaps a sum of money comes in that is enough for the rent
or some other expense. Now, he or she has to take 10% and give it to charity. How will I pay my
rent now! How will I pay the electric or phone bill! Yet, the tither gives the 10% and is forced to rely
on the Divine to pay the rent and the bills. This is how it should be. In spiritual affluence, the
reliance is always on the Divine. The sooner ones does that the sooner will their financial problems
get solved.

Tithing is the fastest way to open the spiritual doors of supply – doors that the non-tither finds
closed. Once the initial difficulty is passed, it becomes second nature to tithe. It