Understanding Eclipse Phenomena

eclipse phenomena

We are in the throes of a Solar Eclipse as I write this and typically, we hear of all kinds of explosive
life changing kinds of events. Over the past 10 days I’ve had phone calls (more than a few) of
people diagnosed with malignant cancers. In one case, someone who was diagnosed some years
back informed me that after months of intense treatment – at some of the best hospitals in the
world – he was being sent to a hospice. The doctors have given up. They now give him 6 months to
live. In another case, a young boy, 18 years old, was diagnosed with a malignancy in the eye and
needs immediate surgery to clear it. He will be taking treatments and be under constant
observation for the rest of his life. And there were other incidents too.

So, does the eclipse cause cancer? Does it cause death? (We often hear of deaths under eclipse
phenomena and often of near death kinds of experiences.) Definitely not. However, if a person has
genetic vulnerabilities (which can be seen in the Horoscope) and the eclipse hits those
vulnerabilities, they can flare up. If a person is borderline psychotic and then is impacted by an
eclipse, the eclipse can push him or her over the edge. Then we read of the person doing some
horrendous criminal act. The same is true in other cases. If a person is hanging between life and
death, the eclipse can push the person over the edge. The eclipse didn’t cause the problem.
Generally the problems existed long before it happened. But the negative energy of the eclipse –
the increase in destructive energy – exacerbated an already existing condition.

Eclipses often bring positive events too. But even these tend to be disruptive and life changing. A
family member’s wife gave birth to triplets on a Solar Eclipse. This was a happy event for them as
they had long wanted children. So they were elated. But, they lived in a small one bedroom condo.
This birth would force them to move into larger quarters. There would be financial expenses
involved, plus the stress of a move. This doesn’t even take into account the work involved with 3