Some Thoughts on Nietzsche

friedrich nietzsche

I’ve been binge reading Nietzsche of late. No reason for it. Just an overpowering urge which I have
learned never to deny. These are messages from spirit. Stop what you’re doing and follow the urge.
No question that he is one of the great geniuses of the 19 century (and perhaps of any century) and
thus needs to be understood correctly.

In “Thus Spake Zarathustra” he announces (many times) the “death of god”. Scholars (and even
the superficial reader) take this as a statement of atheism. But was Nietzsche really an atheist? It
seems to be that he wasn’t. All throughout his works he shows a belief in Eternity (I love you O
Eternity), in the inner worlds, the subtle worlds (he talks of having second sight) and often
references the spirit.

No much different from what religionists believe. There are levels of reality that are above the
normal 5 senses.

He talks of the “Superman” – the ubermensch. Is this not just another way of discussing the “Higher
Self” (as the New Agers refer to it), the Christ Man (as Christians refer to it), the Bodhisattva
(Buddhism) or “Super Ego” (Freud)? All these teachings refer to a state of consciousness that is
“more than man” – “more than human”. He says that this is the true hidden purpose of nature – and
this basically is what all the religions believe. The Jewish concept of Messiah is also related to this.

All the religions believe that this “ubermensch” by whatever name we call it, will come and create a
“new man” – or, “save the world”. And this is what Nietzsche affirms.

So what does he mean by the “death of god”? It seems to me that he wasn’t talking about god
itself, but about all the human ideas and concepts of god – a totally different thing. Many of these
concepts are merely anthropomorphism to help a person understand (to a degree) the divinity. But
God himself stands above EVERY idea, concept or image. He is, as the Kabbalists say “beyond
name and form”. So the death of the god concepts is a good thing.

God, by definition, could never die. He is Life itself and the source of it. Only the God concepts can