The Mystery of The Pentagram and The Number 9


The Pentagram or 5 pointed star is the shape that is related to Mars. We will see this in many
militaries. The pentagon – a five pointed polygon – which forms the center of the star – is the center
of the American Defense department and all the military branches. 5 is the number of the Sephira
Gevura on the Tree of Life and is ruled by Mars. So the 5 pointed star evokes power, strength,
courage and the right use of force.

Meditation on the Pentagram is excellent therapy for people who feel weak or fearful. It will give
courage, bring in knowledge of self defense and enhance athletic ability. It is also a good antidepressant.
If Mars also happens to be your Health Planet in your Horoscope, it will enhance the
overall health.

But hidden in both the Pentagram and Pentagon is the number 9. If we draw the Pentagram in a
circle, each point will be 72 degrees apart. 7 + 2 = 9. If we measure the degrees according to the
way the star is drawn, starting from the top, the first line starts at the top and goes to the left leg
(from the reader’s perspective). This will measure 144 degrees. 1+4+4 = 9. The next line is drawn
from the left leg to the right arm. This will be 288 degrees from the top, our starting point. 2+8+8 =
18, 1+8 = 9. The next line is drawn from the right arm to the left arm. It is 144 degrees in length (9
as we have seen earlier) and 72 degrees from our starting point – also 9. The next line is drawn from
the left arm to the right leg. This will bring us 216 degrees from our starting point. 2+1+6 = 9. The
next line – 144 degrees in length (9) – is drawn from the fight leg to the top and brings us back to
our starting point.

So to meditate on the pentagram is also to evoke the number 9 – it happens automatically and
subliminally. In Kabbala 9 is the number of the Sephira Yesod – Foundation. It rules the sex force,
and reproduction in general. This is considered the “foundation” of the physical world. Without
reproduction the physical world would soon not exist. All the species would die out. So here we
see the connection between Mars and sex – a well accepted connection in astrology. Mars
enhances libido in both men and women. In a man it increases the testosterone and in a woman it
increases the desire to receive it. The desire to be a mother. Yesod is ruled by the Moon.

In Astrology 9 represents the 9 House of religion, philosophy, theology, th higher learning and
foreign travel. So there is a strong connection between Mars and the 9th House. There are a few
ways to interpret this. It takes great courage – fearlessness – to pursue the religious path. Often it is
met with persecution from the world. Without a strong Mars one will not be able to tread the path. It
is good to have faith, but you also need to know how to defend it. Most wars are religious and
philosophical in nature. Oh, excuses might be given about aggression or other slights, but behind
it are philosophical differences – differences in values – differences in world view. We can also read
this in this way – a true religion, philosophy or theology brings strength and power to an individual.
It brings courage. Religions that don’t do this are not true religions. We can also infer from this that
the best and strongest warriors are the ones who come from a higher philosophy or world view
rather than from lower motives (greed, ego etc.). There’s a not more to this, and further meditation
will reveal other meanings.