Change Your Luck by Changing Your Chart

spiritual work

If you are dissatisfied with the way things are going there are things that can be done to improve
things. The first and most important thing is to change your thinking and feeling. This involves
spiritual work. You must replace every negative thought with a positive one, every negative feeling
with a positive one. This requires work and effort and is a day by day (moment by moment even)
process. This will certainly improve things.

But let us say that you’ve done these things and conditions are still not what you would like them to
be. There are other things that can be done. If you know your Horoscope, you can change your
residence to a place that is in line with the two benefics of your chart – Jupiter and Venus. Let us
say, for example, that when you were born Jupiter was at the Midheaven (his most powerful
position) at a certain line of longitude. You can move to a place that is on that line. You will have
many, many places on that line (usually). In my case, the Jupiter line goes right through the Pacific
Ocean and doesn’t go through any land. This can be the case for many other people as well. So it
wouldn’t be practical. In such cases look for a place that is on the Venus line. If that is not practical
(for the same reasons mentioned) you can look for a place that is on the midpoint if Jupiter and
Venus – this too is a more fortunate position.

There is also another way to improve things. Every year we have a Solar Return Horoscope. This is
when the Sun returns to its original position when you were born. If a Horoscope is cast for that
exact time that is called a Solar Return Horoscope. This will give the pattern – the destiny – for the
year ahead – until your next Solar Return. So, a person can go to a location that is either on the
Jupiter (Midheaven) or Venus (Midheaven) line and be there during the time that the return
happens. This will change the Solar Return Horoscope and increase the good fortune for the year
ahead. In the case of being on the Jupiter line, there will be an increase in finance and overall
success. In the case of being on the Venus line there will be an increase in social and romantic
happiness. It all depends on what you’re interested in.

There are no guarantees here, unfortunately. Certain years Jupiter or Venus can be stressed out by
other planets. So the good that they promise will happen with more difficulty. But even so, the
areas of life ruled by Jupiter and Venus will be better than if you had not gone to those places.
You’ve changed your chart and thus you’ve changed your luck.