Taking Aspects to a New Level

taking aspects to new level

All the planets are multi-dimensional in nature. They each have their “generic” or “natural”
meanings – they emanate a specific kind of cosmic force. In most books on Astrology this is what
you will read about. Mercury rules the intellect and communication faculties, the Sun rules the life
force and the creative faculties, Venus the love life and social grace, and on and on for all the other
planets. (You can read these meanings in any astrological text or course, so no need to get into it

But each planet is the Lord of a House (and often the Lord of two and sometimes 3 Houses). Thus
aside from its generic meaning, it is governing other areas of life, often unrelated to its general
rulership. Thus Mercury can be a person’s financial planet or love planet and so on and so forth for
all the other planets. The roles that each planet takes in a given Horoscope is an important key to
understanding the character. So, if someone has Saturn as the love planet, this tells the astrologer
much about the person’s love nature and affinities in love. They would be more conservative and
cautious about it. They would be slower to fall in love than say if Mars was the love planet.

It is important to understand these different roles that the planets play when interpreting aspects or
transits. In general, if you read an aspect of Saturn square Venus, for example, (by Natal or transit)
most would read it as a challenge in love and/or finance. This would be correct so far as it goes.
But what if Venus was the Lord of the 6 House of health? This would also show a health challenge
(and perhaps a health challenge caused by a love or financial issue). What if Venus was the Lord of
the 3rd House? This would show communication problems, students would have more difficulty in
school, there could be challenges with the car or communication equipment (again perhaps
caused by a love or social challenge). This level of interpretation is rarely seen in the books –
though you can see this in my book THE MOVING UNIVERSE.

To leave this out is to create a huge gap in understanding.