Is Spiritual Energy Real?

spiritual energy

Many people ask this question. In a certain sense, from the 3D perspective, it is a natural question.
Because spiritual energy is invisible and subtle it is often considered something “abstract” –
something that is only in your head (and this can bring a whole other discussion).

My response to this is spiritual energy is the MOST real energy. It is more real than the furniture in
your home or the ground beneath your feet. While material things have certain capabilities, the
spiritual power’s capabilities are unlimited. We don’t know of any boundaries to it. If allowed to
operate freely it will cure any malady – any physical or mental illness. It will cure any condition on
the physical dimension. And, the Masters teach that it will cure death itself (eventually).

All the conditions in your world – your physical circumstances, the state of your health – the good
and the not so good – are all products of the operation of this spiritual energy.

The inflow of spiritual energy is a palpable thing. Meditators experience this. It is not “theory” for
them. In fact at times it can be so dynamic that the entire body trembles. If it wasn’t exactly
measured out by the various “step down transformers” of the angelic and elemental kingdoms it
could easily vaporize the body. Different bodies and different constitutions are able to handle
different amounts of the energy. As one continues on the spiritual path the capacity to handle this
energy increases and more effects can happen.

Every time there is an inflow of the spiritual energy outer conditions are changed. One might not
notice it immediately, but change has to happen. Conditions can never be exactly the same. Exactly
what it will do is a case by case thing. Sometimes, if the obstructions are very deep, it will
precipitate a cleansing – a detox of the problematic situation. It will purge the interior conditions
(usually mental and emotional) that are behind the problem. This can be uncomfortable for a time.
But when the cleansing is finished, the condition is healed. The root causes have been eliminated.
Sometimes it will act directly on the body and heal it. Sometimes it will act through instruments –
humans – doctors, lawyers, accountants or people who can assist in a given situation.

Like electricity and magnetism, the spiritual energy is invisible, but the effects are very real.