Religion and Spirituality

religion and spirituality

Religion and spirituality are often confused with each other. Yet, one can be religious – follow the
rules and regulations of one’s particular religion and not be very spiritual – just an automaton
following rules by rote. On the other hand, one can be spiritual but not be religious in the
commonly understood way. Perhaps the person doesn’t attend church regularly, but has love in the
heart and leads a moral life. Perhaps the person is not praying at the prescribed times but has a
personal connection with the Divine.

Religion is basically a good thing. It is a means to an end. It is a means by which a person can
make connection to the Divine. The practices – the rules and regulations – are all designed around
that purpose. It is a vehicle – like a boat – by which a person can cross a raging river. At a certain
stage of evolution it is a most necessary thing – and this why they were instituted in the first place.
Humanity had gotten so far off course that it was necessary to give them a way to get “back” on
course – back into connection.

It has become fashionable in certain circles to attack religion – and even attempt to destroy it. While
it has not succeeded in destroying it, religion has certainly been weakened here in the West. This is
not a good thing. There are many people still on the far side of the river. They need their boats to
make the crossing. Why are you destroying their boats? Do you have a better boat to offer? I don’t
think so.

Having said this, for those who have crossed the river, what need have they for a boat? They can
dispense with it. As Charles Vincent Davis, one of our Diamond Fire writers says “if you’re there
why do you need instructions on how to get there?”

So let us cross the river and leave our boats for others who need to make the crossing.