Book Review: Working in the Light by Starsha Dawn


Just read this interesting book by Starsha Dawn. Here is my review. It will appear in the upcoming
Spring Issue of Diamond Fire.

WORKING IN THE LIGHT. Daily Reflections By Starsha Dawn. Balboa Press, 1663 Liberty Drive,
Bloomington, IN47403. Tel – 877 407 4847, www.balboapress.com. 380 Pages. Index. Trade Paper.

This book could easily have been titled “How to be a Light worker”. For, this is what you get as
you go through this work. It shows step by step, through stories, parables and personal experiences how
one applies the light to solve both personal and worldly problems.

An understanding of the spiritual resources available to a person, lifts one up from merely being a “helpless
victim” of circumstances to a positive healer of them.

I enjoyed the format of the work. It consists of daily meditations for each day of the year. It is much more
interesting than reading a dry exposition of spiritual law. These are short, bite sized, reflections that
will strike a person just when he or she might need it. It is
easy to read and comes from the heart. (Don’t let the easy read fool you, there are deep things hidden there.)
The author is someone who “walks the walk” and thus is allowed (and should) “talk the talk”.

This book is not only good for beginners, but also for those more advanced on the path. You never know
how an inspired word from spirit will hit you. It can be the exact medicine you need in a difficult time.

There are so many subjects covered here.
There is teaching on how to handle rejection, attack, world problems, how to meditate, pray and rely on
spirit – and much more.

Does our blessed author sometimes inject her personal politics into things? Yes. But on the whole,
the book is well worth reading and studying. It is a “light infusion” for every day of the year. Like
taking spiritual vitamins.