The Doors Open at the Right Time

joseph polansky doors open

Starsha Dawn in her new book WORKING IN THE LIGHT has an interesting insight – and beautifully
explained – on the operations of spirit. I have found it to be true in my experience.

We are all familiar with the automatic doors in supermarkets, banks and other stores. While you are
in the distance the doors are closed. It is only when you approach the door that it opens. So it is
with Spirit. While you are far away from the need – whatever it happens to be – the doors are closed.
Your need or desire seems “impossible”. But as you continue in faith and the time for manifestation
comes, the doors magically open. It seems it was designed that way. What is the point of having
the doors open when the need hasn’t yet come? Spirit is nothing if not efficient.

So, as often happens, we become aware of need – perhaps it is financial, perhaps social. You
become aware of the need long before you actually need it. Perhaps a bill will come due in 3
months. Or you are concerned about the fate of a loved one down the road. At this moment, you
can’t see the solution. The doors are indeed closed. There’s no way the problem can be resolved.
But as the time comes to actually deal with the situation, the doors open. The important thing is to
understand this and maintain your faith and confidence.

There is another similar explanation that appeals to me – along similar lines. Think of the headlights
on your car. They only illumine a few hundred feet in front of you. They don’t illumine the whole
road. But as you drive, the headlights will illumine the next few hundred feet, then the next and so
on and so forth.

Our life journey is very much like that. Our inner light will illumine the next few steps. These are
generally clear. Take the next few steps and your light will illumine the next few steps – and so on
and so forth. Don’t worry that you can’t (yet) see the whole road or the whole picture. You only
need to see the next few steps.