Becoming Fit for Service


We are all born to contribute something special – something unique – to the world. We come to
provide some service to the ALL which we and we alone can do. Each person is given the natural
talents to provide that service. But still these talents need training and development. Even the
naturally gifted athlete spends many years in training. He or she practices relentlessly. The same is
true in any profession. We are here to serve, but we must become “fit” to perform that service.
Often this “becoming fit” is not very pleasant. It involved endless repetition, the learning of new
habits, and the discarding of old ones.

This “making the person fit for service” is Saturn’s role. He is a stern task master, but not cruel and
never punitive. He is like the marine drill sergeant who bullies and often insults the new recruit –
who pushes him beyond his normal limits. How else will a raw recruit ever become a real soldier?
He must learn the rules. He must build strength and endurance. He must learn his craft. Many
veterans have testified that in combat their lives were saved because of the instructions and
training they received from their “dreaded” and “hated” drill sergeant. It was only in combat that
they understood the drill sergeant’s true purpose.

Saturn is like that. His transits are rarely pleasant, but they are good when seen in the long view.
Whichever area he contacts in the Horoscope will, when he is finished, become “fit” – healthy. If he
moves through the money house for example, or impacts on the Financial Planet, the person will
eventually become financially healthier and more stable. If the person has been irresponsible in
money matters – has acquired bad habits – Saturn, the drill sergeant – will make him pay the
penalties for this. The pain will force the needed changes. If the person learns the lessons, Saturn
will not only leave him alone, but will actually reward him.