The Real News

cosmic law

The Sun rose at his appointed hour and splashed the earth with multi colored glory. The birds
gathered round and sang to each other. Fish leapt joyously from the brook. Ducks swam gracefully
while taking in the scene. A blue heron is fishing and seems well fed and healthy. Egrets and Ibis’s
are patrolling the grounds. The Sun will set at his appointed hour as well.

The last I heard the Laws of Mathematics are working perfectly. Likewise the Laws of Physics and
the Laws of Mind. The planets are all whirling in their courses according to the Cosmic Law. The
foliage is growing as it should. Some of the bushes will soon need trimming. Even the lone alligator
who is sunning himself in my backyard seems content and at peace.
Will this ever make the evening news? Hardly.

All the disturbances, anxieties and troubles are only happening on the human mortal level. The
cosmos takes no notice of it. It just goes on in its perfect order, harmony and perfection. Is it
perhaps cruel and heartless? Doesn’t it care? Yes and no. It is perfectly willing to serve every
human who comes into alignment with its Law. It is what it is and cannot be anything else. It is up
to the human to raise him or herself to its Law. And if they don’t that’s OK too. Eventually they will
have to. In the meantime the Cosmos does its thing.