Spiritual Healing: The Fastest Way Out of Financial Difficulties

theological issues

Psychology is all the rage these days. But more important than psychology is theology. Every
seeming problem that we confront is, at its root, a theological problem. Sure, psychology, early
experiences, traumas and the like seem to play a role. But if you dig underneath you will ultimately
find that the problem is theological – a misunderstanding of and a consequent disconnection from
the Divine.

Something is blocking one’s connection to the Divine and it is manifesting as some kind of
difficulty – financial, health, career or love challenge. Even little things that seem unrelated to the
Divine are also theological issues. One feels a lack of inspiration, or lack of ideas, or feels that
“something is missing in my life”.

Poverty is at its root a mental disorder that has its root in a disconnection from the Divine – or a
disconnection from the Principle of Affluence. One can be materially rich and still suffer from
“poverty states” – only they are of a different order of magnitude. Where the genuinely poor person
lacks money for the rent and food, the rich person feels lack because he or she craves some large
item but doesn’t have the resources for it. Perhaps he or she wants to buy a company or yacht and
feels “short”. It doesn’t matter how much money you have in the bank or the size of your portfolio –
if you feel lack, it is, spiritually speaking, a poverty state.

So what is the solution?

Very simple. Get connected, as quickly as you can, to the “Affluence of God”. This is the Divine
Nature. This is done through meditation. One focuses the mind on the Principle of Affluence – on
the fact that the Divine is affluence and the source of all affluence. You focus and stay focused. I
like the statement GOD IS SUPER AFFLUENT IN MY CONSCIOUSNESS NOW. Repeat it often. If a
poverty thought comes, repeat the above statement. Little by little the energy – the consciousness
of affluence – will start to come into you. You will see the signs – often seeming insignificant things
will happen – you find coins on the ground, or someone offers you a free haircut or other item.
Little by little this meditation will lift you out of poverty thinking and feeling and into the place of
affluence. Remember you are not doing this. All you are doing is focusing the mind. A higher
power does the rest.

Many people feel that they have to start some new business or get a new job or do some “physical”
thing to get out of a financial difficulty. But these physical actions take time. A new business
doesn’t prosper overnight. But your re-connection to the Principle of Affluence will handle the
“need of the hour”.