Spiritual Healing – On the Four Lower Bodies

spiritual healing joseph polansky

Medical science recognizes only two levels of the body – the purely physical side and the chemical side
(also a form of materiality). But Esoteric Science recognizes many levels of the body each given a
different name and each involved with different functions. In Esoteric Science there are at least 10
different bodies. Each of the planets and each sephira on the tree of life is a body. But from the
perspective of spiritual healing we only deal with what we call the “the four lower bodies”. This is because
the “higher bodies” are not subject to pathology. This can only occur in the bodies that compose the
human personality.

These four lower bodies are: the etheric, or energy body, the mental body, the astral or feeling body, and
the purely physical tangible body. These four lower bodies each affect the other. Problems in the mental
body will affect the etheric, astral and then the physical. Problems in the astral will have a very direct effect
on the physical. So, if there is some physical unease, it is important to correct the problem at its origin –
one of the finer bodies.

These four bodies correspond to the 4 elements of Astrology – fire, earth, air and water. The etheric body
would correspond to fire (it is the energy or electrical body). The mental body would correspond to air. The
astral or feeling body would correspond to water and the physical body to earth.

Each of these bodies is under the dominion of an Archangel. The etheric body, by Archangel Michael. The
mental body by Archangel Raphael. The feeling body by Archangel Gabriel. And, the physical body by
Archangel Auriel. These Archangels can be called upon to deal with any issues in their corresponding
bodies. And this is one of the techniques in spiritual healing.