Does God play favorites?


Does God play favorites? Judging by appearances it certainly seems that way. We are surrounded by
inequalities. Some are rich, some are very rich, some don’t have what to eat. Some are beautiful, some
are ugly. Some have talents in a particular area, others do not. Some acquire fame and fortune most do
not. It certainly seems that God has favored some over others. Thus, to the unenlightened, God is the
source of inequality and must be obliterated.

But is this so? A lot of this thinking stems from an ignorance of Cosmic Law – which is perhaps a better
name for God. The Cosmic Laws are working for everyone equally. Anyone can use the laws of electricity
and get results – regardless of race, creed, religion or gender. The laws of physics will work for anyone
who puts him or herself into alignment with them. The same is true for mathematics. Anyone who complies
with the law will get a correct answer. The Laws of Affluence – and there are definite laws behind it – are
the same.

So why do we see such disparity in the world? This has to do with a person’s capacity. God is giving you,
the reader, as much wealth, as he is giving to Warren Buffet or Bill Gates. The Principle of Affluence is
everywhere present in its fullness. It is there for you as much as for them. The only difference is a
person’s capacity to receive – a person’s attunement and alignment with the principle. Some have a
greater capacity to receive – a greater alignment with the principle – than others. Often this comes from
many lives of preparation. Often it has to do with a person’s destiny and mission for the life. Some will
need more money than others, depending on what their mission is.

The inequalities that we see, when understood properly, are all lawful.