The Las Vegas Shooting

las vegas shooting

las vegas shooting

Las Vegas Shooting
October 1, 2017
10:08 PM PDT
Las Vegas, NV

The whole country is shell shocked by this horrific event. It is now almost a week later and we still can’t get
a grip on it. There are many questions still to be answered. We only know what the media – very suspect –
has revealed. So it is time to look at our “truth detector” the Horoscope and see what the heavens are

The chart for the event is shown above.

A few things leap out at us immediately. Mars (violence) is in an applying square to Saturn, the Lord of the
8 House of death. Both are in stressful aspect with Neptune in the 10 House. So it was a violence prone
time. Pluto, the generic planet of death, is in the 8th House of death – another indication of death. Pluto
rules terrorism and this event has the hallmarks of it. ISIS has claimed responsibility, though they have as
yet offered no proof.

The Midheaven of the chart – a very important point – sits exactly in Opposition to the Solar Eclipse point of
August 21. This shows shakeups in the government going on (and we will see this as time goes on). The
Moon (moods and emotions) is very near this eclipse point as well. So it is an emotionally charged
scenario – no surprise – but the Horoscope shows what is. This event was also a HUGE economic hit –
both on the people – the injured and the families of the victims – but on the economy of Las Vegas as well.

The death planet in this chart – Saturn – sits right on an angle of the chart – the cusp of the 7th House.
Planets on angles are more powerful than in other positions. This point – right on the descendant – is called
the “point of death” by the Hindus. So the planet of death is sitting on the “point of death”.

Mercury, the Lord of the Horoscope, is in the 5th House of fun and entertainment. The people were at a
music concert. Also, many people were at the casinos – also a 5th House event. Las Vegas itself is a 5th
House kind of city. It’s a resort and gambling center.

What does the Horoscope tell us about the shooter?

He would be ruled by Saturn, the death planet, the Lord of the 8 House. He was an older man, a retiree –
which fits in with the Saturn rulership. Saturn sitting on the “point of death” shows his own imminent death.

Pluto, the planet of death, generically, sits on his Ascendant (the 8th House). So he was into murder. Pluto
rules the shooters 11th House which rules groups and high technology. There was a lot of high tech
involved here. He even had cameras recording everything. His guns were high tech too. And he was
interested in killing multiple people (groups) not just one or two individuals.

Saturn as the shooters ruler shows the planning and pre-meditation that went into this. This was not a
crime of passion where someone loses his head and starts killing. This was well thought out – meticulously
thought out. It was not the work of an insane person, but someone cool and rational.

Saturn (the shooter) is in Sagittarius the planet of foreign affairs, religion and foreign countries. So, there is
a foreign connection here (so far denied by the authorities). ISIS claims that the shooter was a convert to
Islam. This is not denied in the Horoscope, for Sagittarius rules religion. It would show some religious
connection here.

Saturn is ruled by Jupiter, which is the generic ruler of religion, foreign countries and foreigners. This
reinforces the above. Uranus, the Lord of the 9th House, (the actual planet of religion, foreign countries
and foreigners) is trine to Saturn. Again we have this religious, foreign connection.

Jupiter is in the 5th House of the chart. The shooter was an avid gambler. He was rich and supposedly
successful in his gambling. It fits right in with the Jupiter rulership. He was a high liver. Which also fits in –
Jupiter loves the high life – the extravagant life.

Did he act alone? Not likely. Saturn (the shooter) is in the 7th House of partnership. He had help. Other
people are involved here. Probably foreigners.

Saturn occupies its own 12th House. So the shooter was a secretive kind of person. It is said that he had
“a secret life” – and this seems borne out by the Horoscope. Many hidden things will soon come to light.
Let’s look at the shooter’s Horoscope to see what this shows. Unfortunately we don’t have a time of birth
or a place of birth. We know he was born on April 9, 1953 in the state of Iowa. That’s about it. I cat the
chart for Des Moines, the capital and used a Solar Chart. It will not show everything, but there are certain
things that it will show. Let’s have a look. The chart is shown.

las vegas shooting

Stephen Paddock
April 9, 1953
5:49 AM CST
Des Moines, Iowa

First off, and this hasn’t been reported at all, but is very clear in the Horoscope. The shooter was
emotionally unstable and was prone to violence. The Moon, Pluto, Mars and Jupiter are in a T-Square.
Pluto and Mars hitting the Moon is especially telling. Perhaps he had this under control – he has no record
of violence – but he had this tendency. Emotional instability is seen in other ways too. Uranus is right on
the cusp of the 4 House. He was subject to swift – sudden – mood changes. Family members were like
this too.

So, we have someone with a tendency to violence by birth. Now we have two eclipses hitting these points
pretty much head on. The Lunar Eclipse of August 7, 2017 is a direct hit on the Mars (violence, anger) and
indirect hits on Pluto and the Moon. The Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 sideswipes these same areas.
So his violent tendencies were triggered into action by the eclipses.

It has been said that he had been planning this for years. Perhaps. But it was the eclipses that triggered
the plans into action.

We see two marriages here, and this was the case with him.

He was very successful in real estate – residential real estate. Note that the Moon is right on the Arabian
Part of Fortune. Jupiter is very close to the cusp of the money house which would denote wealth. He
wasn’t born wealthy but he attained to it.

He was said to be a professional gambler and to be quite successful with it. Note that his Financial Planet
is conjunct to Sun – the planet that rules speculation.

If we had good birth data we could say a lot more. Perhaps in the future.