On Spiritual Healing

spiritual teachings

The spiritual teachings on health are very different from the currently accepted paradigm of health that socalled
modern medicine espouses. They see the causes of disease in a purely physical kind of way. A
cold is caused by a virus. Cancer is caused by a distorted cell, or by smoking, or a bad diet. They see the
cause of disease as physical and the solution to it as physical.

The spiritual perspective is very different. The body (the earth dimension) is seen as purely a side effect of
other root causes – causes that lie on the thought and feeling levels (and there are many levels and
gradations here all given different names by various spiritual systems.) By the time a disease manifests
physically – to a point where it can be detected on an x-ray, CT scan or blood test – it has a long, long
history on the inner planes. It has been there for a long time. Life fruit ripening on a tree, the karma ripens,
and the fruits falls from the tree to the earth. It is manfiest physically.

While the physical approach has some meritorious things to it – often they can relieve symptoms and thus
relieve a person’s suffering – they never touch the spiritual root cause of the problem. Thus, the conditions
can recur again and again and again.

It is wonderful to relieve symptoms. I’m all for it. But let’s not confuse this with real healing. Real healing
only happens when BOTH the symptom and its root cause are dealt with. This can only be done in a
spiritual way.

When the healing power of the Divine is invoked a gradual healing process begins. If the condition is
acute (something that began recently) the results will be quick. Often instantaneous. But if the condition is
chronic – something that has been around a long time – something that took many years to develop (and in
some cases its been around for thousands of years) – the healing will go slower. Usually the physical
effect will not be seen for a while. This is because the Divine Power is first working on the mental-psychic
conditions behind the problem. First the mind gets healed, then the emotion and finally the physical body.
So, one needs patience and persistence with chronic conditions. But with persistence, it will happen.

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