Practical Magic for Everyday Living – Part two. The Magic of Eating

practical magic

Eating is something we are doing all the time – a few times a day at least. For some it is more than
that. So it is a painless way to create spiritual growth in a busy, often hectic life style. Everyone is
going to eat, but the magic involves eating in a different kind of way. Instead of eating in a rush and
unconsciously – merely indulging in an animal appetite – we raise the action into a form of worship.
This not only attunes you to the Divine and enlarges your consciousness, but it will have powerful
effects on your health and well being. It will actually elevate – change – the vibrations of the food
that you eat, but will also elevate the vibrations of the digestive system. You will get only the highest
and best from the food that you eat and whatever is eaten will digest better.

This is good for everyone, but especially for those who have sensitive stomachs and digestive
problems. (We often see this in a person’s Horoscope.) Before you eat, take a moment to say grace
– in your own words). Bless the food that you eat, also in your own words. There is no need for the
elaborate prayers that most religions have instituted. Your thought and intention is sufficient. After
you’ve finished your meal, give thanks for the food that you’ve eaten. Express a feeling of gratitude.
After all, there are many people on the planet, who don’t have this luxury.

Another very interesting refinement can be added here. Before eating solids say to your self “I am
eating of the body of God”. Basically the solid universe is god’s body – composed of divine
substance. Before drinking a liquid affirm “I am drinking of the blood (spirit) of God”. Christians
can substitute “Christ” for God if they like. In effect, your meal, no matter how humdrum, becomes
your personal mass. An affirmation of unity with the Divine.