Book Review: You and The Conscious Universe by James Lynn Page

you and the conscious universe book review

YOU AND THE CONSCIOUS UNIVERSE by James Lynn Page. Perrault Publications, UK. Trade
Paper. 177 pages. £9.99, $12.89.

I very much enjoyed reading this wonderfully researched book on the Power of the Mind (which he calls Positive Thinking). It has something for everyone. The beginner will learn a lot and have a solid road map to begin his or her studies. But there’s a lot here even for the advanced student. He brings in all of the latest scientific findings that validate the power of the mind. It is very useful to be up to date on these things.

You and the Conscious Universe

In fact, what he’s really doing here, is updating the ageless wisdom for the modern reader. I have mixed emotions about this. On the one hand it is good to be updated. It is good to have the latest “ammunition” to withstand the denials of the secular world. Make no mistake, the denial of the world is a formidable force and perhaps one of the main obstructions to progress on the path. So our author performs a great service here. On the other hand, all this updating introduces new words, new terms, new “lingo” that only further confuses things. Personally I have no problem with the word “God” – the ancients understood it as the Supreme Consciousness, the creator and sustained of all that is. The Great I AM if you will. But now we will have arguments about prayer or intention. Affirmation or intention. God or quantum field. God or consciousness. A good solid background in semantics is more important than ever.

Every Treader of the Way will have to deal with denial and ridicule. And, what I liked here is that he shows us the main denials from the scientific community that one will face. It becomes easier to deal with.

But the book is not all theory. He gives practical exercises – breathing, visualization, relaxation and the use of music and sound. The beginner can start to work with these exercises in a practical way and test it for him or herself. This was always the traditional way. The Laws of Mind were never proven in the lab. For one thing, the technology didn’t exist for this kind of proof. (Today its another story, and we will see ever more confirmation from the scientific community.) Traditionally the student was given certain exercises and disciplines and through their use he or she would prove it for him or herself.

The powers of the subconscious mind are vast and he describes this in great detail. But the subconscious mind doesn’t discriminate and will accept almost anything if one is not careful. So there is a need for the proper care and maintenance of the subconscious.

I felt that not enough attention was given to the realm of superconsciousness – the ultimate power and authority in the world. The conscious mind controls (or should control) the subconscious and the super conscious mind should control the conscious mind. If this were so, there would be no poverty, suffering or sickness in the world. But the problem is that superconsciousness – the Divine – gives us free will and it is this abuse of the free will that is at the root of all personal and worldly problems.

The Laws of Mind are always operating. It is never a question of “does it work?” It is always working and everything we experience, good, bad or indifferent are the operations of the Laws of Mind. Even when we seem to “not get results” – this is also the operation of the Laws of Mind. Was there doubt or denial in your consciousness? When you didn’t see results right away did you immediately say (or feel) “oh this doesn’t work” or “nothing is happening”. Or, as Bob Makransky points out in the interview at the end of the book (a must read) it is old karmic momentums at work. Old, very ingrained habits of mind and feeling that are nullifying your present work. These momentums need to be cleared and overcome. (And this is probably the major job that any Treader of the Way has. It’s a big job. Some say it is not done in one lifetime. However, whatever is done, makes things that much easier.)

Having said all the above, this is still a highly recommendable book. The research is prodigious. You will want to read it again and again. Each time, new insights will come to you. There are quotes and sayings from the great philosophers, mystics and scientists. This is food for the soul and ammunition for the faithful. And as we mentioned it is suitable for both the beginner and advanced student. Buy ‘You and The Conscious Universe’ by James Lynn Page on Amazon.