Spiritual Growth: Practical Magic for Everyday Living

spiritual growth

Meditation on the Divine is ultimate path for spiritual growth – and for overall health and well being. But
meditation requires time (and it is a good investment) and in our rushed and harried lives, it is difficult to
put in the required time. So, it is necessary to incorporate meditative techniques into our everyday lives –
while doing the things that we always do. It becomes part of our lifestyle.

There are everyday things that we all do that if were done in a more conscious way would enhance our
spiritual growth.

Let’s take the simple chore of washing. Instead of doing it automatically and unconsciously. Make it a
magical ritual. As the water is pouring over your hands invoke the Lords of Water – EHEYEH, GABRIEL,
CHERUVEEM. Chant these names over and over as you wash. Feel the spiritual power of water washing
not only the hands but the entire body. This becomes a whole different experience.

This also works well in the shower. Chant the names as you enter. Imagine that the water is cleansing all
impurities from the body. Some people life to visualize “dark goo” coming out of the body and going down
the drain. But this isn’t necessary. Your feeling and intent will do the trick. Chant the names as you take
your normal shower. If there is any part of the body that bothers you, let the water run over that part as
you chant, you should start to feel immediate relief. (And the relief will continue even afterwards too.)
If you’re taking a bath follow the same procedure. Chant the names as you soak. Let the water work its
magic on your body.

The healing powers of water are stupendous. I have seen this work on burns and cuts. Let the water
(either from the faucet or shower) run over the cut of burn. Chant the names. Keep doing this until you feel
some relief. Repeat as necessary.

When you go to the bathroom, wash the hands when you finish and chant the names as the water runs
over the hands. Give thanks to the Divine that everything in the body, the bowels and elimination system
are working as they should.

It is through these little things that we incorporate the meditative life style into our mundane activities. And,
thus they get elevated in vibration.