On Eclipses

lunar eclipse

An eclipse can be compared to a storm at sea. The astral level of the planet is stormy. The
waves crash against the boat shifting it in all directions. The wind howls and the rain is torrential. As the
ship is gyrating muscles can be pulled, falls can happen, vulnerabilities in the body get hit by the unfamiliar
motions. The ship itself is threatened. Experienced captains know that the best thing is to seek safe
harbor wherever it is available. Meditation is much harder under such conditions. But much more
necessary. Safe harbor is within, but we must struggle to get there.

Lunar Eclipse Alert

Eclipse Alert. We are nearing a Lunar Eclipse. It happens on August 7. In Europe its at 6:12 PM. Here in
America its at 2:12 PM. We are in orb even now. Sensitive people have been feeling it for days. Lets take
a nice and easy schedule. Do whatever is necessary but the unnecessary can be rescheduled.