Spiritual Astrology

spiritual astrology

On a personal level, Astrologers can be of any religious persuasion. It is simply not an issue as far as the
science is concerned. But Astrology itself is beyond religion. It takes no position. All the religious
persuasions can be seen in the Zodiac. In fact, the Zodiac is the fount from which every religion originates.
It is the source of all religions.

Spiritual Astrology

The great astrological ages, which are seen by the precession of the equinoxes, will show which religious
style – which virtue – will be emphasized over a 2100 year period. This will be the dominant religion for that
age. For example, during the age of Taurus (approximately 6,000 years ago) the earth based religions
were dominant. This is when the sacredness of the earth itself – the crystals, minerals, animals etc. – was
worshiped and appreciated. We see remnants of these religions even today in the Native American
religious traditions. Earth was the embodiment of all the powers of the universe. A miniature universe in
solid form. The Age of Aries brought the Mosaic revelation. God was one and not many. Earth was holy,
but God was above the Earth and did his will there with omnipotence. Man was superior to nature.
Strength and courage were seen as divine qualities. The age of Pisces brought the Christian revelation. It
was an expansion of the previous Mosaic revelation. God was ONE but his nature was LOVE. And so the
Christian concept of love became the ideal. The importance of faith was emphasized – faith was more
important than intellect, courage and strength. In fact, faith was the source of all these virtues. This is so to
this day.

Now, not too far off, a new age is being born. This will happen officially in a few hundred years. The spring
equinox will start to take place in Aquarius (the constellation of Aquarius) and this will go on for 2100 years
(approx). So we will see a new religion, a new revelation, a new ideal. The new religion never contradicts
the truths of the old one, it only emphasizes different things. What will this new religion be like? We are
seeing even now some of its outlines. It will emphasize knowledge and science. Faith is important, but
without knowledge it is a fragile thing. Love too is important, but one must have knowledge in order to love
properly. So, we are moving to a scientific religion, where the age old truths will be validated scientifically.
Over time, and this seems inevitable, superstitions cloud the original revelation. These will be done away
with by science.

Many religions are against astrology (and I feel this was because of the way it was practiced) but astrology
is not against any religion.