The Power of Grit

the power of grit

I’m reading a review of Angela Ducks worth’s GRIT: THE POWER OF PASSION AND PERSEVERANCE.
In it she makes the case that “Grit” is more important and IQ or innate ability when it comes to success.
The book is laced with scientific studies that buttress the point. I haven’t read the whole book, only the
newspaper review. What stands out for me is how modern science is confirming the ancient verities.

In the field of psychology, this is a major revelation, but astrologers have long known this. Keep in mind
that astrology was the psychological system of the ancient world – right up to the 20th century. People were
analyzed through their Horoscopes. Traditionally, only important people – the nobility or high religious
leaders – had their Horoscopes done. This was before computers. Casting a Horoscope was a long
laborious process. It couldn’t be available to everyone as it is today.

The Power of Grit

What she calls “grit and perseverance” the astrologer would call “power in fixed signs” – power in the
“fixed” quality – many planets in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. These types will persist in a project no
matter the difficulty. They hang in. Some call them “stubborn” and indeed they can be. Once set on a
course they rarely waver. They carry it through to completion. And, as Ms. Ducks worth points out, this
often spells the difference between success and failure.

Psychologists have devised all sorts of questionnaires and tests to find out a person’s “grit” quotient. But
the Horoscope will show this instantly. You don’t even need to cast a full Horoscope to see this. Just
glance at an ephemeris for the day of birth, and count the number of planet in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or
Aquarius. If there are 3 or more planets in these signs (or in any one of them) the person will have a high
“grit” quotient. If the number is two or less, the person will need to develop this quality by his or her own
effort. It doesn’t come naturally to them.