Our Cosmic Environment

cosmic environment

It is an axiom in psychology and sociology that humans are products of their environment. While I feel this
goes too far, we are not victims of environment but it certainly shapes and influences us. There is no
dispute about environmental influence. The only question is how much of an influence it plays. Yet, these
same people – learned people – who affirm these things, leave out – and even deny – our cosmic environment.                      This is just as real as the physical environment.

It is this cosmic environment, which is always changing, that the astrologer studies. We are citizens of a
family, a neighborhood, a city, a state, a country, the Earth, the solar system AND the universe. And while
some people may not pay too much attention to this, it is nevertheless impacting on them.

Most people are not paying too much attention to national or international events. Climate treaties,
changes in government regulations, debts ceilings and budgets are far removed from the everyday
necessities of living. Most people are only concerned with what directly affects them. Yet, these national
and international events are having an impact, though they’re not always felt in a direct way. A change in a
regulation can affect your company or job, but until it does, you’re probably not paying too much attention.
There are too many other things you need to focus on. The same is true with cosmic events. We’re not
paying attention unless it directly impacts us.

Cosmic Environment is Impacting on Us

Yet, in subtle ways – and sometimes not so subtle ways – the Universe, the Solar System, is impacting on
us. That sudden pain in the shoulder that lasted two days and then left, or the headache that came and
went, was most likely due to the position of the Moon. The temper tantrum was most likely caused by
Mars. The Sun changed signs and noone feels it directly (only very sensitive people do) but this change
will affect your finances, mentality and love life. The stock and commodity markets are also very
influenced by these things. The whole psychological environment is now altered and this will produce real
physical events.

Our cosmic environment is a real environment and merits our respect.