The Importance of the Natal Horoscope

natal horoscope

In Astrology the most important chart is the Natal chart – the chart of the birth. And while there are
other charts that will amplify, modify and clarify what is seen in the Natal – charts such as the Solar
Return, Lunar Return, The Navamsa, Progressed and Directed Horoscopes (and the varied forms
these Progressed charts can take) – they all have the Natal chart as their base. They never replace
the Natal but only clarify it in various ways. So, the student of astrology should focus on mastering
the basic Natal chart. If this is done properly all the other charts will flow and be understood quite

The student will come across all kind of other fancy nomenclature – terms like Horary Astrology (the
astrology of the Hour), Decumbiture (the chart of a sickness, or when person “takes to their bed”)
Ingress charts (the birth of a planet’s entrance into a sign) – and many more terms. If the student
keeps in mind that we are always dealing with a Natal chart, things will go a lot easier.

All these chart are basically birth charts. In Horary we are dealing with the “birth of a question”. In
decumbiture, the birth of a sickness. The Solar Return is the birth of a yearly cycle. The Lunar
Return is the birth of a monthly, or Lunar Cycle. The ingress chart is the birth chart of a season and
sometimes of a multi year cycle – e.g. a chart for a Pluto Ingress can tell a story encompassing 30
to 35 years. All the rules of Natal Astrology apply only they are used in a certain context.

Like the seed which contains the pattern of the whole plant, the birth chart contains the pattern of
the whole life (of whatever we are studying).