Dealing with contradictions in the Horoscope

horoscope contradictions

The Horoscope, like life itself, is filled with seeming contradictions. We see this internally in any given
Horoscope and we see it by transit – how the universe is impacting on the given chart.

Dealing with contradictions is one of the great life skills a person can learn. It is also vital in reading a
chart. The bible (and almost all Sacred Literature) is filled with contradictions. In the Judeo Christian Bible,
we have the commandment “Thou Shalt Not Kill”. Yet, there are many times when the Lord commands the
Israelites to slay everyone – including women and children. There is a commandment “Thou Shalt Not
Steal”. Yet, when the Israelites are leaving Egypt they are commanded to take possessions from the
Egyptians. In battle, it was often commanded to take the enemies animals and possessions.

A contradiction should be considered as a bright neon sign that says “look deeper” – there’s hidden truth
here. That is their purpose. Its not the end of investigation, only the beginning.

In a Horoscope we will often see contradictory impulses in a certain area. There are many ways this
shows up. A person can be strong in altruistic Pisces and also strong in practical, down to earth Capricorn.
Both these urges are active in the person. Sometimes they fight with each other – there are internal
conflicts. Sometimes one side will win, sometimes the other. (The transits of a given time will often tell the
story). Sometimes we will see a planet that receives both harmonious and discordant aspects to it – this
particular force and urge in the psyche. This would show an “ambivalence” in the character. The issue
here is to see which forces are stronger – the harmonious ones or the discordant ones. If the harmonious
ones are stronger, the native will tend to express the urge harmoniously. If the discord is stronger, the
force will be distorted in its expression, causing problems.

Often we will see contradictions in the different charts that we cast for a person. Sometimes the Natal will
show one thing while the Solar Return denies it. And, vice versa. So what will happen? My experience has
been that BOTH happen. For example, one chart might show romance and the other is denying it. What
often happens is that the native meets someone, perhaps falls in love, but nothing comes of it. Or, the
relationship has great difficulties. One chart can show a move while the other denies it. What will happen?
Well, its case by case. Sometimes the move happens but with great difficulty and delay. Sometimes, the
opportunity to move comes, but doesn’t happen.

All the forces of the universe are always acting on a person. The contradictions add richness and
complexity to life. Every person resolves them in their own way.