Fate and Free Will

fate and free will

I started reading a wonderful book called HORARY ASTROLOGY By Petros Eleftheriadis. Its well written
and the author is quite knowledgeable. It looks like a good source for people who want to learn more
about Horary Astrology (the astrology of the hour). When I finish reading it will review it more thoroughly in

But one area needs to be discussed. The author is a fatalist. That is, he believes the whole life is
predetermined at birth; that there is nothing we can do to shape events or prevent them from happening;
nothing we can do to improve things. What’s the point? Everything that’s supposed to happen will happen.
And, if everything was ordained before birth, why bother to change it? The best we can do is to learn to
accept it. In other words he rejects the idea of free will.

This I believe is a mistake. Yes, many things are predetermined and they will happen regardless of what
we do. Yet, there is also a great amount of free will. Life is the interplay of Fate and Free Will.

Fate and Free Will

Fate and free will have been debated in the spiritual community for thousands of years. Perhaps the best
explanation of this comes from Omraam Mikhael Aivonhov. He describes life this way. Let’s imagine that
you book a cruise to England. Before you booked you were shown the brochures, the cabins, the scenery
and the sights you would see. You had the choice to either sign up or not sign up. Let’s imagine that you
chose to sign up and now you are on the cruise. At this point you cannot say “I want to get off”. The
Captain will not turn the ship around. You’re stuck on the cruise and certain events will happen. However,
you have much free will on the cruise. You can choose what food you will eat. You can choose to read a
book, to exercise, to swim, take in the shows, or to meditate. You can choose to make friends and
perhaps romance that nice lady at the next table. Yes, certain events will most certainly happen, but your
experience of the cruise is up to you. We all signed up for this “cruise” on earth. We knew before signing
up that certain things were going to happen. Yet we signed up. You cannot suddenly say I want to change
it. But you can change many things through the right use of free will.

In my practice I’ve also seen the result of free will. Some people go through “death” aspects unscathed.
Some physically die. Each will have an encounter with death, but some will go through (because of how
they handle it) and some will not. The right use of free will determined the issue.