Spiritual Awareness

spiritual awareness

The fact that Neptune is the generic spiritual planet of the zodiac tells us much about how the Astrologer
looks at spiritual awareness and growth.

Neptune is the planet of transcendence. This means that Neptune gives the gift – the power – to rise above
all earthly conditions and circumstances and look at them from a wider, higher perspective. Without the
power of Neptune we would only be able to see things from the mundane 3D reality. It’s as if you are in a
car stuck in traffic. All you can see is what is around you. The situation will seem hopeless to you. But if
were on a plane and could see the wider picture, you would be more hopeful. You would note that the
traffic jam is only for a mile or so and there is clear driving after that. Perhaps the situation wouldn’t be
changed, but you would feel better. You would have a “higher” view of things. And often, this higher view
WILL allow you to change things. Sometimes you might be able to exit the road and take a side road.
Sometimes you might see the jam before you went into it in the first place and take another route.

Spiritual Awareness

Spiritually speaking there is always a solution to every problem. But without the faculty of transcendence,
which comes from Neptune, we would never see it. It would be difficult to access. If one is stuck in an
“impossible” situation it can’t be solved from the place of the “impossible” situation. It is by definition,
impossible. But let the mind transcend – rise above – look at things from the “air plane” level solutions will
start to come through. Each case is something unique. There is only one constant in dealing with
impossible situations. Exercise your Neptune faculty and rise above.