The Japan Fukushima Quake. An Astrological Analysis

astrological analysis

(From a past issue of THE ASTROLOGER’S NOTEBOOK)

The Japan Quake

March 11, 2011
2:46 PM LST
Sendai, Japan

On March 11, 2011 at 2:46 PM local time, one of the largest earthquakes in recorded history occurred in
Japan. The devastation is immense. As of this writing (March 12, 2011) we still don’t know the full extent
of it. Hundreds are confirmed dead and thousands – perhaps tens of thousands – are missing and
presumed dead. I lived in Japan or a few years. The conditions are very crowded. So something like this is
devastating. Needless to say there is deep sadness over the pain and suffering going on there. But the
Astrologer in me is excited – there is a feeling of joy that I can’t suppress. No, its not over the suffering. But
an event like this is “meat and potatoes” for an astrologer. A doorway – a portal – to deeper understanding
– deeper knowledge. And perhaps with more knowledge events such as this can be “tempered” – softened

From the media we are getting very mixed signals. Was it the strongest quake this century? The 2nd
strongest? Was it the strongest in history or only the 4 or 5 strongest? Was it th th a 7.9, 8,1 or 9.1
magnitude quake? I have seen all these numbers published. Was Japans shoreline shortened by 8 feet?
5 feet? 9 feet? The details will emerge with time. For now we want to see the Astrology behind this. I find
that the Horoscope gives us better data than the mass media. It is a “truth detector”. Sometimes the
Horoscope confirms the media reports, but in many cases it doesn’t. Thus we know when the media is
engaging in manipulation.

There is much to look at here. But let’s start with Horoscope for the event. The city of Sendai was the
closest major city to the epicenter of the quake. So I cast the chart for Sendai. The chart is shown.

The first thing that strikes us with this chart, is the power in the 8th House of death. The 8th House is easily
the dominant House in this Horoscope – a signature for the event. It is strong both quantitatively (40% of
the chart) and also qualitatively (the Sun and the Lord of the Horoscope are there). We have seen this
kind of signature in other natural disasters too – the Chile Earthquake and Hurricane Charlie to mention a
few. So the event is about death and destruction – and eventually to new birth. Unless the old and effete
dies, the new cannot be born. This is the theme of this Horoscope.

The Lord of the Horoscope – in this case the Sun – is in the 8 House. Thus the chart is showing death (or
near death kinds of experiences) for this town – this region.

The Sun is in an applying conjunction to Uranus – happily not that exact. Had the conjunction been exact
the devastation would have been greater. But still it is in effect. Uranus is often associated with
earthquakes – sudden destructive kinds of events. Sudden change – dramatic change – is happening to the
region. As the Sun gets closer to Uranus the death toll will mount. Also the aftershocks can be even more
dangerous than the initial quake. We will watch the news. The full extent of the damage hasn’t yet

The Sun is near Mars – conjunct but not exact. Another message of death and destruction. I understand
there are many fires happening in the region – and this would be a Mars rulership.

Neptune is the Lord of the 8th House. Generically Neptune rules the oceans – water. There were deadly
tsunamis in the region – and perhaps (we will need to verify this) there was more death from the tsunami
than the actual quake itself.

Jupiter, the Lord of the 5th House, which rules power stations – the utilities of the region – is exactly square
to Pluto – the generic Lord of nuclear energy. So, we are reading of explosions in nuclear power plants –
meltdowns – excess radiation etc.

Jupiter is very near – though not exact – the Solar Eclipse point of January 4, 2011. A further indication of
problems with the utilities and power stations. Pluto is also near this point.

Saturn, the Health Planet, in the chart is almost exactly on this point. So, it is not just death and
destruction – there are serious long term health consequences for the region.

The chart for the event gives us much information, but we still need to look at the chart of the country. This
would be more definitive. The only problem is we don’t really know the Horoscope for Japan. I’m using the
date when the Meiji constitution was enacted – February 11, 1889. My understanding is that this
constitution is still in effect today. It was modified after World War II but not abolished. So technically this
is the birth of the modern Japanese state. The chart for this event is shown. The time of the enactment of
the constitution is unknown so I’m using the Solar Horoscope. We make the Sun, the Ascendant and work
the Houses from that. I have found these kinds of charts to be amazingly accurate but only use them in a

In this chart, we see the death and destruction, but more pronounced is the symbolism of a “government
in crisis” – a government about to fall – or perhaps major upheavals within the government. This is all over
the chart.

Jupiter, the Lord of the 10th House, was eclipsed on December 21, 2010 – a very exact hit. By transit,
Jupiter is very near the Solar Eclipse point of January 4, 2011. Transiting Pluto is still conjunct to Natal
Jupiter and pretty exactly square to transiting Jupiter. So this government is in crisis. Not just from the
earthquake, but the earthquake didn’t help matters.

The death and destruction is seen here too. Uranus, is the Lord of the Horoscope – a very important
planet. It rules the infrastructure of the country – the country’s “physical body” – the personality of the
country – the average citizen. Uranus sits EXACTLY on the Lunar Eclipse point of December 21, 2010.
This kind of aspect tends to bring these kinds of events. Eventually it will bring a “redefinition” of the
national ego and image. When we see this kind of aspect in a person’s chart it often brings cleansings –
detoxes – of the physical body. These are sometimes diagnosed as disease, but are not really disease –
just a cleansing of effete material. Sometimes it brings accidents or near death kinds of experiences. The
person is “temporarily” shut down – eclipsed.

The transiting Lord of the 8th House of death – in this chart Venus – is EXACTLY square to transiting Pluto,
the generic planet of death. Both these planets also relate to nuclear energy. And so we see these
problems here too. Transiting Jupiter on Venus is helping matters – the government is doing its best – but
also amplifying the death. Are they distorting the death toll? Exaggerating it? Perhaps.

Transiting Saturn is conjunct to Natal Uranus, the Lord of the Horoscope. The people feel down,
depressed. This was happening even before the earthquake. There has been a feeling of pessimism in
the country – a lack of consumer confidence too. However this same aspect is showing that Japan – the
average citizen – is becoming more spiritual. This will be one of the positives that emerge from this

We see this in other ways too. Neptune, the generic spiritual planet, is right near the Ascendant of the
chart and will be in the 1 House for many years to come. So this is a long term trend st for the country.

The Japan Quake

Inner Wheel – Japan Natal Horoscope
February 11, 1889 – Solar Chart
Outer Wheel – transits March 11, 2011

Neptune, as we mentioned, rules the oceans – the water. So there was great damage from the tsunami – perhaps more
than from the quake itself. Water damage will be a concern for many years to come.

This chart and the chart for the event are showing great financial damage. Damage to the economy.
This is no surprise, but the Horoscope is showing what is.

The Progressed Horoscope doesn’t give too much more information. However there are a few interesting tidbits. The
Progressed Midheaven is right near Natal Venus, the planet of death. Thus death is highlighted this period. This is
a trend that will go on for another few years.

The Progressed Sun and Progressed Mars are square to Natal Mars – all of which were eclipsed – sideswiped –
on December 21, 2010. This not only shows the financial damage – Mars is the Financial Planet – but also the tendency to
violence, accident, wars etc. The violence happened in this way, not through a war.

The other interesting tidbit, something that we mentioned earlier, but very pronounced in the Progressed
Horoscope, is the spiritual revolution happening in Japan. We don’t read much about this in the press, but
the Horoscope is showing it clearly. In the Progressed Horoscope the 12th House of spirituality is the
strongest in the Horoscope.

This was a terrible tragedy no question. But it is good to keep things in perspective – in proportion. Japan
has a population of 127 million people (approx). This is far from a wipe out of the country. Japan will
survive and thrive once again.