The Death of Michael Jackson – an Astrological Perspective

michael jackson death

This was written in September of 2009.

There were many headlines this past summer season, but one of the main ones, was the death of Michael
Jackson, pop icon. His death overshadowed almost all the other major news – the riots in Iran,
Earthquakes and Typhoons in Asia and the protests here in America over health care.

In order to understand his death, we need to understand his life – his Natal Horoscope. And we enclose it
here. (Data is compliments of Astrodatabank – and seems accurate to me as it describes the native.)

He had an easy chart. He was one of the blessed and fortunate ones – and certainly he lived a high and
mighty lifestyle. Overall, the easy aspects in his chart were 13% stronger than the difficult ones. In terms
of categories the percentage was even higher – ease was 75% stronger than the difficulties. The Sun,
Moon and Ascendant categories were easy. The Lords of the Horoscope – the planets that rule his Sun,
Moon and Ascendant – are easy (taken as a group). The actual Lord of the Horoscope – Venus – is also

If we analyze the Power Points in this Horoscope – the most prominent signs – we will see a confirmation
of the ease. There are 4 main power points – Virgo, Libra, Pisces and Leo. Out of the 4, 3 were Easy. Only
the Pisces power point was a Neutral. No question that he had an easy chart.

Now an ”Easy” chart doesn’t mean a “perfect” chart, as our steady readers know. Even the easiest of
charts have some percentage of challenge attached to them (this seems the human condition here on
earth, among fallen humanity). And, even the most difficult chart, always has some percentage of ease,
harmony and happiness. Here on earth we never see things “purely” – everything is some kind of mixture.
So the only issue for us is the percentage. Which is stronger ease or difficulty? And here we see that ease was

michael jackson inner wheel

Michael Jackson certainly had difficulties that needed to be worked out, but he had help in dealing with these
things. And sure, there were many times in his life where things were “less easy” than usual – even many times in a
given year. But these challenges came from the transits and were temporary.
When the difficult transits passed his life resumed its normal ease. (In certain years he could have had a challenging Solar Return chart too – and this would have played a role.)

Health. Basically he has easy health aspects. For most of his life he was basically healthy. Though his 6th House of health was empty, he was a strong Virgo – and probably paid attention to health. (He had his own personal physician who would often sleep at his house.) His vulnerable organs were the stomach, the head, face, skull, adrenals, the colon, bladder, sexual organs, the ankles and the feet.

Neptune, the most spiritual of all the planets, was his health ruler. In the physical body, Neptune rules the feet and thus the feet were very important to him in overall health. He is someone who would have benefitted greatly from foot reflexology.
Neptune ruled his health from the sign of Scorpio which is associated with the colon, bladder and sexual organs. So these organs were important in overall health. Unsafe sex and sexual overindulgence would have been a root cause for health problems. Misuse of the sexual force as well.

Neptune as the health ruler shows someone whose job – his mission – for this life was to explore the spiritual dimensions of health. He is someone who would have (and probably did) benefit from prayer, meditation, reiki, laying on of hands and the manipulation of subtle energies. This would have been the right path for him. However, Neptune also rules drugs, alcohol, pain killers, anesthetics and “mood enhances”. And Michael apparently went that route. This is the “other side” of Neptune. I understand that he was so reliant on these things that he eventually became addicted to them. It is reported that there were large amounts of these kinds of drugs in his system when he died.

There is more to say here but it is beyond our scope.

Finance. Very beautiful and easy wealth aspects. And certainly he attained to fabulous wealth. It is
interesting how the chart confirms this.

Not only were his wealth aspects easy, but he had other subtle signals of wealth. Jupiter, the planet of
abundance and good fortune, is Conjunct the Ascendant. This not only shows good fortune, but someone
who lives the “high” life style – which he certainly did. Someone who travels a lot – which he certainly did.
Mercury sits almost exactly on the Venus/Pluto midpoint of wealth. He earned from his writing (songs),
from good use of the media, from publicity – and probably from buying and selling – trading.

His Financial Planet was Pluto. Pluto is not normally associated with music or the entertainment field – but
in this chart, it is Conjunct the Sun – which very much is associated with these things.

His Career Planet is the Moon. In his chart the Moon is in Pisces, which is associated with music, dance,
inspired creativity.

The Moon is in the 5th House of entertainment – this was his career and his mission. Also children. His
involvement with children, his interest in them, positive or negative, often made the headlines. I would
wager that children – young adults – were his main fans and buyers of his records. His market was the
youth of the world.

The Lord of the 5 House of entertainment – Uranus – is in the 10 House of career and th th conjunct to Venus
(the Lord of the Horoscope). So he was an entertainer and this was his career – his spiritual mission as

His Sun and Financial Planet are both in the 11th House. Not only that, but the Financial Planet is conjunct
to the Lord of the 11th House. The message here is that his earnings came from the “electronic media” –
videos and the like. Not just albums. Probably he made more from videos than from albums. The
electronic media – TV, MTV etc. played a huge role in earnings – directly or indirectly.

There was much publicity about his sexuality. But one must be careful about this – the mass media often
gets it wrong. For me the issue is whether the Horoscope confirms them – and it does in this case. Our
native was very sexually experimental. Venus, the Lord of the Horoscope, is also the Lord of the 8th House
of Sex. It is conjunct to Uranus – the planet of experimentation. He was someone who expressed his
rebellion through sex (one of the major ways). Its as if he threw out all the old “rule books” – how to’s – all
the traditions – and decided that he would learn about sex for himself, through trial, error and

We also see some confusion as to his sexual identity and orientation. Mars is square to Venus and to
Uranus (but more exactly with Venus). My feeling here is that he wanted to “try everything” to see what it
felt like.

The Lord of the Horoscope conjunct to Uranus shows someone who was also experimental with his body
(not just sexually). He always wanted to test its limits. Now there are positive ways to do this – I’m thinking
of yoga, tai chi, martial arts etc. Probably he expressed this through his performing – his dancing etc. But
often these kinds of people will indulge in many daredevil type activities too. This aspect is a two edged
sword. Many gifted athletes and dancers have this aspect. They do things with their body that everyone
considers impossible. The downside is that they take undue risks and can suffer injuries because of this.
More importantly this aspect shows his experimentation with his image. He had surgery after surgery –
nose jobs, skin jobs and other jobs I never heard of. He was constantly tinkering with it – not just in his
dress, but in tangible, physical ways. This is right in line with the Horoscope.

He has the aspects of “celebrityhood”. The Lord of the Horoscope is very elevated – in the 10th House.
Someone who has a driving need to be “on top” – a driving need to be successful. Also it was personal –
his appearance, what he could do with his body, his personal abilities, his personal charisma – made him
famous. By the way, our President Obama also has these kinds of aspects. The Lord of his chart is in the
10th House and very elevated in his chart. Our President is the “Michael Jackson” of politics. It is a kind of
personal celebrity.

His love aspects were a Neutral. No tendency one way or another. In his chart, it would be the transits that
would tell the story. When the transits were kind his love life went well, but when they were unkind, he had
all kinds of challenges and problems.

However, we see various complications here in his love life. The first is his sexual experimentalism – not
everyone can handle this. The second was his “passion for personal freedom” – our native was someone
who was “going to do what he wanted to do when he wanted to do it” – he really didn’t like the obligations
and limitations that come with a committed relationship. This was certainly a problem for him and for his
partners. He was ever the “free spirit”. And, he had the money and the means to indulge this. Third, as we                 mentioned, he needed to be “on top” – in charge. Venus is elevated (much elevated) over the Lord of the 7th                   House (the marriage partner) – and not everyone can handle this. He was the “top dog”. Fourth, Uranus is                     square the Love Planet, Mars – an indicator of multiple marriage. His first marriage to Priscilla Presley was                 doomed from the start. I understand that it lasted two years. His second marriage in 1996 lasted three years.

Venus (Michael) and Mars (his partner) are square showing that his first marriage didn’t work out – there was
no natural compatibility there. Probably he entered into it for all kinds of “subsidiary” reasons – publicity or
business – but not love. He seemed more compatible with his 2nd wife than the first – but that too didn’t last –
though it had a better chance.

michael jackson natal horoscope

His Death. Death was something that always interested him. We don’t read much about this in the
newspapers, but the chart shows this. Venus is BOTH Lord of the Horoscope and Lord of the 8th House of
Death. Our native had strong 8th House interests all his life – sex, birth, death, renewal, resurrection and
personal transformation. His constant changing of his image, even his attempts to change his skin color,
were really efforts of “self transformation” – an attempt to give birth to his “ideal” self. But it seems to me
that he was fascinated with death as well.

The fact that his personal planet was also the planet of death in his chart, shows that death was
something “self inflicted” – something that he would do to himself either directly or indirectly. Sometimes
this shows outright suicide, but in this case, though not an actual suicide, was close to it. He indulged in
behaviors (drug addiction) that so weakened him that it led to his death. In is biography it is stated that he
had many “near death” experiences from drugs – long before his actual death. And, it is written that his
stomach had to be pumped out many a time, because of overdose. This is entirely in line with his

Venus, as we mentioned, was his death planet. In the physical body, Venus rules the kidneys – and thus
kidney problems would most likely be a cause of death. Venus is in the sign of Leo, which rules the heart.
Officially, the cause of death was “cardiac arrest” – and this too is right in line with the Horoscope. It seems
to me that something happened with the kidneys that triggered the cardiac arrest. This fact has not been
reported or picked up.

He died as he was working to make a career comeback. His career had been in decline over the past few
years (transiting Saturn moved through Leo and his 10th House from 2005-2007 – and then it moved in
opposition to his career planet in 2007-2008). The death planet is in his 10th House of career.
The timing of his death. Our blessed native died on June 25, 2009. His doctor, who had been sleeping at
his house was administering CPR and realized it wasn’t enough. At 12:21 PM he called 911. The
ambulance arrived at 12:26PM. He was officially declared dead at 2:26 PM. The actual death could have
been sooner, but this was when it was “official”. I cast the chart for his death for 2:26 PM.
If we just study the transits – and their relation to his Natal Horoscope – we can see encounters with death
or near death experiences, but I don’t think that I would have read this as an “actual” death. The chart is
shown here.

Note the power of the 8 House (the House of death) by transit. By transit it is the strongest th House in the
Horoscope. Mars (a generic malefic) is there and is exactly Conjunct to his Venus – both the Lord of the
Horoscope and his death planet. A strong message – a dangerous time. This kind of aspect generally
shows surgeries (and his body was autopsied after death – a form of surgery). Both of these planets are
pretty exactly Square to his Natal Venus – the Lord of his chart and the Natal death planet. This added to
the danger. But actual death? Hmmmmmm.

Neptune the planet of drugs is Square to transiting Mars and Venus and is in opposition to his Natal Venus
– so drugs were involved here, but not the actual cause – a contributory factor perhaps, but not the “death
dealing” blow.

The astrologer also has to keep in mind that for the past two years, the native was undergoing a Uranus
and Saturn transit at the same time. Uranus was impacting on him for many years – since 2003. But
Saturn joined the fray in 2007. So his overall vitality was not what it should have been and thus he was
more vulnerable to things. What should have been a mere “encounter” with death became an actual

Still I am not satisfied yet.

Natal Venus – the death planet – was about to be eclipsed on August 5. But our native died on June 25 –
well ahead of this eclipse. Yes, he was a sensitive person and they tend to experience things early – but
this early?

His Ascendant was about to be eclipsed on July 7 – not an exact hit, but close. June 25 was in orb of this
eclipse. (He was memorialized on July 7th by the way.) Still, was this enough to cause an actual death?
Though we see signs and dangers from this analysis it still seems that this death could have been

Let’s study the Progressed Horoscope.

Here the death is seen very clearly and dramatically. What jumps out here is Progressed Venus (death)
right on – EXACT – his Natal Ascendant. The angel of death was paying him a visit. BOTH Progressed
Venus and the Ascendant are about to be eclipsed on July 7 – well within orb of the death.
Progressed Uranus is now right on (less than 1 degree of orb) Natal Venus, the death planet – a sudden,
strange death.

His Progressed Sun at 26 Libra is about to get eclipsed on July 21. This is always a dangerous aspect, for
the Sun rules the “life force” generically.

The Progressed Moon – his career planet – has been in Square aspect to Progressed Venus (death) for a
few months. He died while trying to renew his career. And no question that this was part of what caused
the death. His ambitions were pushing the body beyond its limits.

Progressed Venus is in the sign of Libra – which also rules the kidneys. So kidney failure or kidney
problems were no doubt involved in this.

We see the drug problem here in the Progressed Horoscope too. Progressed Mercury (Ruler of his 12th
House – drugs) was EXACTLY Conjunct to Neptune, the generic ruler of drugs. Drugs were a contributing
factor here but not the “death blow”. Cardiac arrest is in the chart – and, as we mentioned, kidney