Spiritual Inspiration

spiritual inspiration

Spiritual inspiration is something that is, in theory, always available. It is always there. The Divine is
constantly pouring out light and wisdom upon all and sundry – 24-7 365. Why then can’t we partake
of it? The answer is very simple. Most people are just not paying attention. The mind is focused on
all kinds of things – its desires, regrets, resentments, its history. It is like a dense fog clouding all
else. To pay attention to the Divine, means to drop all these other concerns and focus on that. No
need to beg or implore. The simple act of attention will bring in all the inspiration that is needed –
as much as the person can handle.

It is always good to pray and meditate. Every time is a good time for that. But certain times are
better than others. Inspiration will flow more readily when the transiting planets are activating your
12 House, or when the Lord of your 12 House is receiving beneficial aspects. In any given month,
the Moon will move through your 12th House of spirituality (for approximately two days) and move
over the Lord of your 12th House – your spiritual planet. These will be the times when it is most easy
to access spiritual inspiration. To know these times, you must know your Horoscope. So it’s a good
idea to have it done. When the Moon moves over the planet Neptune – or makes nice aspects to it –
is another good time.

Times to Receive Spiritual Inspiration

On any given day, there are more powerful times to receive spiritual inspiration too. This would be
when Neptune, or the Lord of your 12th House, is either rising or on the Midheaven. This means that
these planets are more powerfully placed and their energies are stronger than usual. Pisces Rising
(which happens for two hours – approx – every day) is another good time. But this requires a
knowledge of Astrology.

In most religions, sunrise and sunset are the appointed times for prayer. These are generically
good. But not as good as the times we mentioned above.