The False Religion of Political Correctness

political correctness

Political correctness has many positive points. Behind it lies a desire to “not offend” others. But as
with any human positive it is a mixed picture. Taken to the extreme – as we have been seeing – it
stifles the search for truth. For the truth seeker, spiritual correctness, not political correctness is
always the objective. The truth seeker wants only to be aligned with truth, with spirit, with the
spiritual law. Such a person will follow truth wherever it leads and this is as it should be.

Often this will mean going against the styles, fashions and attitudes of the mass mind. The truth
seeker follows a higher power. If human opinion, if people pleasing, is more important to you than
truth, you are not a truth seeker (yet).

We should be able to discuss spiritual and philosophical truths without name calling or personal
abuse. We should be able to disagree respectfully.

Political correctness has become a religion. People hold certain views (some of them correct,
some partially correct, some outright false) and excommunicate those who don’t follow the party
line. Like the inquisition of old they persecute all those who don’t follow the party line – they
punish free and independent thought.

It is well known that you can’t get jobs in certain industries (Hollywood, Academia, Journalism and
Television are prime examples) unless you adhere to a code of political correctness. Thus we have
converts like in days of old – forced conversions – you either accept our religion or you don’t eat. Of
late we have seen even independent business owners punished for their religious beliefs which
were not in accord with the “politically correct” religion.

The solution here is to cultivate a love of truth above all things – all worldly honors, wealth and
acclaim. The person who loves truth and is centered in it, will never needlessly offend another (not
willfully anyway). Ultimately (perhaps not immediately) Truth will always prevail. You will be
vindicated and you will discover, to your utter amazement, that you haven’t lost anything real.