Spiritual Gifts

spiritual gifts

In truth, within every person is all power and all ability, special spiritual gifts. The power behind every person – his or her
spiritual nature – can do all things. It can walk on water, multiply the loaves and the fishes, heal the
sick and split the sea. These are not “extraordinary” gifts, but only the natural abilities of the divine
within all. Why then are we not manifesting these things?

One reason – first and foremost – is that most people are disconnected from this part of themselves.
If they re-connected through meditation and prayer more and more of these abilities would start to
come through. Not all at once, but in a gradual kind of way.

The second reason has to do with one’s destiny for the current incarnation. A good analogy would
be of a very rich person making a trip to a foreign country. He would not bring all of his wealth with
him – that would be foolish. He would bring only that which he needed to achieve the purposes of
his journey. So it is with the soul. It has all abilities. It is rich in power and talent. But in making the
journey to earth it brings only those talents that it needs to achieve its purposes.

The Horoscope shows us what this majestic soul brought in for the incarnation.

Spiritual Gifts by The Elements

People strong in the element of fire (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) are gifted with unusual life force –
energy. They have the gift of optimism and the “can do” spirit. They are self motivated and can
motivate others. They know how to light a fire in others – to inspire them to achievement. Thus they
have natural leadership abilities.

People strong in the element of earth (Taurus,Virgo and Capricorn) have the gift of practicality.
They have and instinctive knowledge – a feeling – for what works on the earth. They have a gift for
“materializing” – making solid and tangible – their ideas and dreams. Not only that but they know
how to help others materialize their dreams as well. They are born with this special “vitamin” that
enables this.

People strong in the element of air (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) are intellectually gifted. They tend
to be excellent students, teachers and communicators. Their gifts are on the mental plane, in the
realm of ideas. Before anything can happen on the Earth, there needs to be an idea behind it.
These people have the knack for getting the idea.

People strong in the element of water have the gift of empathy and compassion. They are very
tuned in to their own feelings and to the feelings of others. This empathy and emotional sensitivity
tends to make them popular. In the inner life this strong feeling nature is very helpful.
Metaphysicians know that a prayer is not fully answered until we “feel” what we prayed about. We
need to feel that “it is done”. This ability to feel makes water people very powerful metaphysically
and can help them and others in this department.

There is much more to say about this and we will deal with it in the future.