On Spiritual Practices

spiritual practices

Students of Astrology know that every person is a unique individual. A law unto him or herself.
Every person is “wired up” in a unique way. Thus therapies that work for one will not necessarily
work for another. Diets that produce results for one will not necessarily be good for another. The
same holds true for spiritual practices. Some will get results from one method, and others from
different methods. In my forthcoming book A SPIRITUAL VIEW OF THE 12 SIGNS we go deeper into
this subject.

Spiritual Practices and The 12 Signs

There’s a lot to this and we will begin with the basics. Its helpful to know your chart. If you are
strong in fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) and you have Neptune or the Lord of the 12th House
in a fire sign, you would have a natural affinity to the paths that involve action – the doing of good
works, the involvement in altruistic causes, fire ceremonies, sweat lodges and candle lighting
ceremonies would be very effective. Whatever your path, light a candle before you pray or
meditate, you will get stronger results. People strong in fire are not really mediators, they prefer a
more dynamic approach, but having a lit (with the appropriate invocation) will help you meditate

People strong in the Air signs get good results from reading sacred literature and the writing of
saints and adepts. They would gravitate to the paths that are rational and intellectual – paths such
as Jnana Yoga or Hermetic Science. There is a need to have an intellectual, rational understanding
of the spirit – not just an emotional one. In the Jewish tradition the study of Talmud and the Bible is
considered meditation. One “chews” on the “Word of God” and thus draws nearer to the Divinity.

People strong in the Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) need a more feeling based
approach. They have a need to “feel” the Divine. Thus paths that exalt the feeling nature – such as
chanting of mantras, singing of hymns, sacred dance – are very powerful for these types.

People strong in the Earth signs would gravitate to the “earth based” paths – the study and use of
stones and gems – and ritual. Ritual involves not just the mind but the body as well. The physical
body needs to be engaged In fact in ritual (and almost every religion has its rituals) it is the
physical motions alter the consciousness and make it receptive to the Higher.

There is much more to be said on this subject and we will continue later on.