Donald Trump’s Inauguration

donald trump inaguration

The chart for the inauguration is shown. We read this as we would read a regular birth chart, only we are reading
the birth of an administration, not the birth of a person. The moment of birth gives a picture of the coming


First off, look at how accurately the chart is showing the event. The Sun is right on the Midheaven.
A new government is being born. Venus rules the Horoscope. So it is a day of parties and
festivities. This is not a surprise, but the Horoscope need not surprise us – it shows what is.
Venus as the Lord of the Horoscope shows that he will try to unify the country – bring it together.
He will adopt a more conciliatory tone.

Venus rules the Horoscope from the sign of Pisces. Thus the event will be “visionary” and
idealistic. Venus is near Mars, so there could be some violence and protests, but they don’t seem
to mar the proceedings (the conjunction is wide). The government, the authority figures are on top
of things. (Saturn, the government, is squaring Mars.)

Venus rules the inauguration from the 11 House. Thus this is a major media event. Again no

Saturn rules the 10th House of the President and thus is a significator for Trump. This shows that he
will be very “presidential” – not as he was during the campaign. He will be conservative. Traditional.
This is not the chart of the”firebrand” who wants to destroy everything. He will be a manager – an
executive – running the government with business-like efficiency. He is someone who is definitely in charge.
Saturn (Trump) is in the 8 House. Thus he will focus on taxes and tax issues, insurance  issues (the
repeal and replacement of Obamacare) and the war on terror. These seem like major priorities.
Also it seems that the new president will personally revamp the intelligence services. He will bring
them under control. He will reduce the national debt as well – there is great focus on this.
Saturn sits in the 8th House of death. So security around him needs to be tightened. His
administration will no doubt have many “near death” kinds of experiences.

Jupiter is in the 6th House of health and work in this chart. Thus the work force of the country will
be enlarged. There will be higher rates of employment. The economy doesn’t seem a major focus
as the 2nd House is empty, its more about jobs than the economy.

Donald Trump’s relations with the media have been stormy (and I’m being polite here) for the past
two years. During his presidency I see some improvement here. Mike Pence, the Vice President,
will be handling them and seems to have a good relationship with them. Melania seems to have a
reasonably good relationship with them too.

A strong 9th House shows that he will focus on immigration and cut back on illegal immigration.
Pluto is in the 9th House. He will reshape the immigration system.

The Financial Planet is Mercury in this chart. Mercury is in the sign of Capricorn. This would show
slow, steady – measured – economic growth. It doesn’t seem “gangbusters” – just slow, steady and
solid. Probably the markets will reflect this too – not a runaway bull market, but steady growth.
Mercury not only rules the country’s finances but also the 6th House of work. This reinforces what
we said earlier – its about jobs. If there are more jobs, the economy will grow naturally.