Spiritual Knowledge & The Horoscope

spiritual knowledge

Most people are aware of Astrology in the practical ways – as a psychological system (it was the
psychological system of the ancient world), as predictive system and as a way to time events for
greatest worldly success. But less understood is that Astrology is a philosophy and cosmology – a
source of spiritual knowledge. It is safe to say that this is the most important aspect of Astrology. It
is a form of Jnana Yoga – the Yoga of the Mind – and in and of itself, a valid spiritual path.
By studying the creation we learn about the creator and his laws.

Spiritual Knowledge & The Horoscope

Heaven is a symbol for mind. Earth is a symbol for the material world, the world we perceive with
the 5 senses. When we study the heavens we are studying the movements in the mind of the Divine
– the Divine thought forms. So, in a certain sense, we are gaining spiritual knowledge. In fact every
Horoscope should be looked at in this way. Its not really about telling a person his or her fortune,
but studying the Divine Idea that is embodied in this person. Some ideas embody challenges, some
are more easy, but all are essentially good.

Studying the heavens – a microcosm of the entire universe – we see the unreality of what we know
as death. Death can be defined as the birth of something new. Birth and death can’t really be
separated. One cycle ends (death) and instantaneously a new cycle begins (birth). We see this all
the time. The New Moon is the really the death of an old lunar cycle and the beginning of a new
one. Dawn is the death of night, but the birth of Day. Winter is the death of Fall but the beginning of
Winter. And so on and so forth. There is much spiritual knowledge to be gained by studying the